Windows Installer Proxy Information Is The Wrong Problem

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    Over the past few days, some of our users have encountered an error message with incorrect Windows Installer proxy information. Several factors can cause this problem. We will talk about this below.

    I have deployed a large unattended installation of XenApp citrix 5.0 with Altiris Deployment Server. The suite consists of several prerequisites, a XenApp installation, and finally a Citrix Management Console.

    Installation is done through a dedicated account, not just the local system account, since the configured packages are on the network.

    When testing a deployment on a Windows 2008 server, I noticed that sometimes MSI-based installations fail in addition to error codes 1603 or 1601.

    MSI errors are defined in the product-specific SDK in WinError.h, so I looked at the error codes:

    // Message text:
    // Unable to access the Windows Installer service. This can usually happen if Windows Setup is not installed correctly. Contact support for assistance from staff.
    â €
    // Message text:
    // Fatal error during installation.

    Then I looked at your current log files and showed that you were stuck with errors:

    MSI (c) (5C: 8C) [19: 34: 33: 864]: Windows proxy installer information is not written correctly

    MSI (c) (5C: 8C) [19: 34: 33: 864]: Failed to connect to the Internet. 0x80004005

    Search Errors: There were no good solutions for these errors, many results suggested re-registering msiexec, although most MSIs were installed and no errors were reported. This has not happened at present. Solution.

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  • I was looking for this programmatic error code (0xC0000425) and it is defined in ntstatus.h:

    How do I change Windows installer settings?

    Press Windows main dot + R, enter MSIEXEC / UNREGISTER, and click OK. Even if your website is performing well, it can be visually appealing as if nothing happened. Make sure to press Windows + R, type MSIEXEC / REGSERVER and click OK. Even if you do everything right, nothing will happen or you may see an hourglass for a while.

    // Message text:
    // Invalid operation with a registry key that was unloaded by then.
    #define STATUS_HIVE_UNLOADED ((NTSTATUS) 0xC0000425L)

    This indicated that the profile for all account installations had been intentionally unloaded by the User Profile Service. The event log confirmed this:

    Windows has detected that the new registry file still exists from other applications or services. The image will be uploadeddinner. Apps or services claim that your custom registry file may not work as expected after doing this.

    1 user registry leak teaches Registry User S-1-5-21-1556653526-4280407051-3911480998-1615_Classes:
    Process 1512 ( Device HarddiskVolume1 Windows System32 msiexec.exe) has the key REGISTRY USER S-1-5-21-1556653526-4280407051-3911480998-1615_CLASSES


    I’m not sure if this is due to a bug in the User Profile service, an Altiris bug, or simply because the gateway setup does a lot of logins and logoffs in a short amount of time. Anyway, I figured I should do this and prevent the User Profile service from dumping the profile. At first I can imagine that there will be an exception to this rule somewhere in the registry. I dismantled the User Profile service using Ida Pro, but there was no evidence that such an important service existed. However, I found it interesting about the functions: CUserProfile :: IncrementRefCount and CUserProfile :: DecrementRefCount. Unsurprisingly, IncrementRefCount is called when the full profile is loaded (CUserProfile :: Load), and therefore DecrementRefCount is called when the full profile is loaded. fil is actually unloaded (CUserProfile :: UnLoad).

    How do I fix Windows installer package problem MSI?

    Method 1. Make sure you have the confirmation recipient permissions.Method 2: Alternatively, use a troubleshooter to uninstall programs.Method 3: Repair this software.Method 4: re-register Windows Installer.Method 5: restart the Windows Installer service.

    This RefCount is saved in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows NT Current Version ProfileList as a REG_DWORD value using the name RefCount:

    How do I fix Windows Installer service in Windows 10?

    In Start Search, type Services.msc and press Enter.Find the Windows Installer service.Right-click it and select Properties.Make sure the startup type is Automatic and the maintenance situation has started. When you stop, press the start button.Click OK or Apply.

    I thought this nifty RefCount could be used to see if open handles need to be forced to close. This led me to believe that perhaps we could prevent this by writing a schema that manually loads the user profile using the LoadUserProfile function and just never unloads it (using UnloadUserProfile).

    The program confirmed that I was there, and now everything is working fine, because it might be useful to others. Decided to write this article and post support. If you’re interested, the Delphi source code will be used.

    If you want to use information technology (with or without Altiris), getting started is easy. Just follow this method under the account you use to install. The result is similar to this screenshot:

    How do I fix Windows installer not properly installed?

    Reset the Windows Installer Service registry.No doubt start the Windows Installer service manually.Register the installer serviceMicrosoft again.Use the regsvr32 command.Use SFC and DISM commands.Usually they uninstall the old version of the program that everyone wants to install.

    If this plan or resource helps you, please leave a comment, donations are definitely not needed.

    PozhPlease consider making a donation (even a small amount would be nice) to support this website and organize:

  • In folder: Altiris, Citrix, Programming, Windows 2008
  • I am creating a new deployment to work with a remote server 2008 R2 table with Altiris. Most of the tasks you see and complete are installer applications using Windows Installer.
    Although the actual installation (after a restart) is sufficient, the next installation still fails because the installer cannot add to the Windows installation object.

    This event log contains several events that occur at exactly 2 second intervals:
    Source: User Profile Service
    Event ID: 1530
    Level: Warning
    General: - Windows has detected that your registry file is still in use by other applications or, alternatively, services. The file is now always uploaded. Apps or services think your registry file may not work as expected after doing this -

    Details of p descriptorsThe user's computer sister, expanded by RegistryUserS-1-5-21-2413968531-3215199331-4183453847-1621:
    Process 4224 (DeviceHarddiskVolume1WindowsSystem32cmd.exe) contains the public key REGISTRYUSERS-1-5-21-2413968531-3215199331-4183453847-1621
    ... etc. etc.

    Source: User Profile Service
    Event ID: 1530
    Level: Warning
    General: Windows has determined that someone’s file is still in use by other applications or services. The file will now be uploaded. The service or service claims that after doing this, your computer file may stop working safely.
    1 Exposed user registration IDs, such as RegistryUserS-1-5-21-2413968531-3215199331-4183453847-1621_Classes:
    Process (DeviceHarddiskVolume1Program 6708 Files (x86) DeNamiKDeNamiK SFWDNKFrameWork.exe) opened the key REGISTRYUSERS-1-5-21-2413968531-3215199331-4183453847-1621_CLASSES

    Source: MSIInstaller
    Event ID 1014
    Level :: Error
    General: Windows Installer proxy information is not being written correctly

    Source: MSIInstaller
    Event ID: 1015
    Level: Warning
    General: Communication with the server has failed. Error: 0x80004005

    The problem was always caused by “User Profile, Service”, new version The system most often associated with “User Profile Hive Cleanup (UPHClean) Application”. This type of service thinks that the process can be terminated and does not close the registry (foey!). As a result, the service will be a hive to have an application. From a service standpoint, this is a common occurrence, but deal with your friend’s lost connection with the recording nettles! Forcing the hive to unload produces all sorts of error messages (unpredictable), love the Windows Installer event.
    Disabling the “User Profile Service” is probably not an option as this service heavily offloads and dumps user profiles on behalf of all users. So this is definitely not a “new” version of UPHclean, you really need a service to allow you to log in.

    windows installer proxy information not correctly

    There are several ways to solve this problem:
    – Preload the profile with LoadProfile using your own tool created by Remco Weinen, which you can find here;
    – Do it in the local system process;
    – Add absolute sleep to the work of Altiris.

    Currently p The LoadProfile solution is a very effective solution, but I can’t say it looks good. Hopefully Microsoft will confirm this issue and fix it in a hotfix or hotfix package.

    windows installer proxy information not correctly

    More information on the issue can be found here and therefore here.


    Was once an avid employee of PepperByte, but now somehow works for Citrix. Her blogs are always dear to you and me, and we really hope.

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