Troubleshoot Uninstalling DirectX 9 On Windows 7 The Easy Way

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Recently, some of our readers reported on removing Directx 9 in Windows 7.

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    Performing a System Restore is the easiest way to uninstall DirectX update as there is currently no official method to uninstall DirectX. You will definitely need a Preinstallation Restore Point for DirectX, which is usually created during the installation process.

    Do users need to uninstall DirectX 9 to fix some issues? Are you looking for an effective tool to remove it completely and erase all files from your PC 100%? No, it’s fear! This page provides detailed instructions on how to completely remove DirectX 9.

    Possible Illnesses While Uninstalling DirectX 9

    How do I uninstall and reinstall DirectX?

    You cannot (effectively) uninstall DirectX. However, it can be fixed with DirectX Redist (June 2010) installation package, even if there are corrupted files. This will probably overwrite all DX files (except DX12).

    * DirectX 9 is not listed in Programs and Features.
    * You do not have sufficient rights to uninstall DirectX 9.
    * The file required for our deletion cannot be simply launched.
    * An error has occurred. All non-information files have been successfully removed.
    * Another process of using the content prevents DirectX 9 uninstallation.
    * Files and folders in DirectX 9 can be found on some hard drives after deletion.

    Dec 9 DirectX cannot be removed due to most other issues. Incomplete removal with Directx 9 can also causeproblems for many. Therefore, it is very important to uninstall DirectX 9 and all its files.

    How – To Completely Uninstall Directx 9?

    How do I completely remove DirectX from my computer?

    One-sided: oudUninstall DirectX Happy Uninstall using an appropriate third-party uninstaller. Enter “DirectX Happy Uninstall” in the search box and your requirements will appear in the database for “DirectX Happy Uninstall” just like your version of Windows.

    Method 1. Remove DirectX 9 Provided By “Programs And Features”.

    If another program is installed on your system, it will be added to the list under Programs in addition to Features. If you want to uninstall a program, you can Allow the removal of programs and features to actually uninstall it. So, if you want to uninstall Directx 9, the first solution is to uninstall it through Programs and Features.

    A. Open Programs And Features.

    Click Start, type Uninstall a program in the Search for programs and files box, and then click the result.

    uninstalling directx 9 on windows 7

    Open Windows windows containing the WinX and X recommendations together, then click Programs and then Components.

    B. Search For Directx 9 In The Description, Click On It, And Then Click “Remove” To Start Uninstalling.

    Method 2 Only: Remove Directx 9 Using Uninstaller.exe From The Product.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • Most computer programs have aA good executable is uninst000.exe in addition to uninstall.exe or similar. You can find these files in our Directx 9 installation folder.

    A. Go To The Installation Path Of The Directx 9 Folder.

    B. Look For Uninstall.exe Or Even Unins000.exe.

    In. Double-click The Uninstaller And Run The Wizard To Uninstall DirectX 9.

    Method 3. Remove Directx Via System Restore 9.

    uninstalling directx 9 on windows 7

    System Restore is a utility included with Windows operating system products that helps computer users restore an entire system to a previous state and then remove programs that affect system performance. If you need to create a system restore point before installing any program, you can use System Restore, which will restore your system and completely remove certain unwanted programs such as DirectX 9. You must back up your personal file data before starting. ” System Restore.

    A. More Or Less Close All Files And Programs Can Be Opened.

    B. Щ Right-click Computer On The Desktop And Select Properties. The System Start Window Is Displayed.

    In. On The Left Side Of The System Window, Click System Protection. There Will Be A Showcase Of The System Properties Window.

    D. Click “System Restore” And The “System Restore” Window Will Appear.

    E. Select “Select Almost All Other Restore Points” And Click “Next”.

    E. Select A Date And Therefore A Time From The List, Then Look At “Next”. You Should Be Aware That All Programs And Drivers That Were Installed At The Selected Time May Not Work Correctly And Require Reinstallation.

    When The Confirm Personal Point Restore Window Appears, Click Finish.

    H. Click Yes To Confirm Again.

    Method # 4: Remove DirectX 9 Using Antivirus.

    What happens if I uninstall DirectX?

    Simply put, DirectX is a special Windows technology that delivers superior graphics and sound quality when you are actively playing games or watching videos on your PC. Even though you CAN uninstall DirectX completely, people are almost guaranteed to run into problems on your computer when doing so.

    Currently, malware for computers or laptops looks like regular computer system applications, but remove them from the computing devicemuch more difficult. With the help of Trojans, and subsequently spyware, malware infiltrates a computer device. Other malicious computers, such as malware or potentially unwanted software, are also very difficult to remove. They are usually installed on your device, bundled with free software such as a VCR, games, or PDF converters. You can easily bypass the prediction of antivirus programs on your own system. If you cannot share DirectX 9 like other programs, you need to check if it is spyware and adware. Click and download the adware and this detection tool for a completely free scan.

    Method 5. Reinstall Directx 9 To Uninstall.

    If the Lodge required to uninstall Directx 9 is now corrupted or missing, support cannot remove it. In such cases, it is sufficient to reinstall DirectX on May 9th. Run the basic installer on the original computer or reinstall the downloaded file to get the program back to work. The software that is sometimes installed can also be used to repair or even uninstall the program.

    Method 6. Use The Delete Command Displayed In The Registry.

    When a separate program is installed on a computer, Windows stores its phrases and information in the registry, including an uninstall command to remove the program. You can try deleting this schema in Directx 9. Please edit the registry directly, as any mistake can cause your make to fail.

    A. Hold The Windows And R Keys To Open The General Run Command, Type Regedit Into Your Mailbox And Click OK.

    B. Browse The Following Key Registers And Find All DirectX 9 Files:

    In. Double Click The Delete Line With The Best Value And Copy Its Value Data.

    D. While Holding The Windows And R Keys, Open Run, Paste These Values ​​into The Box, And Click OK.

    E. Follow The Instructions Of The 9. Uninstall Wizard.

    Method 7. Uninstall Directx Using 9 Third-party Programs Remotelyenia.

    Normal DirectX 9 removal requires individual computer skills and patience. And no one can promise that removing the manual will completely remove DirectX 9 and delete all of its registration data. And incomplete deletion can contain many unnecessary and invalid items throughout the registry and affect the capabilities of your computer. Too few junk files also take up all the free space on your hard drive and just slow down your PC’s speed. Therefore, it’s advised to uninstall DirectX with 9, a reliable third-party uninstaller that can scan your system, additionally name all DirectX 9 files, and uninstall it entirely. Download this great third party uninstaller below.

    How do I uninstall DirectX 11 from Windows 7?

    Click the Start button, right-click Computer and select Properties. The System Properties window will open.In the left pane of some system properties windows, click System Protection.In the “Security Settings” section, click “C: Drive”, then “Configure”.

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