What Is Codec 1025 Tag And How To Fix It?

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    You may receive an error message stating Tag 1025 Codec. There are several ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about a little later.

    As we are increasing the total number of codec requests and solving issues with error tags, we decided to list all the common audio tags and their exact codecs here.

    – The 5376 audio codec tag may well be requested if 3ivx is simply missing.

    – A 2000 audio codec tag can be requested if the AC3 filter is still missing.
    – Audio Codec Tag May 2001 is slightly more in demand, while the latest versions of the AC3 filter are missing.
    – The 8192 audio codec tag can be queried if the ac3 filter is missing.

    – Audio codec tag 130 can be requested from Acelp if codec.net is not available.

    – Audio codec tag 17 may not be present in the requested ADPCM audio codec / IMA ADPCM audio codec. This guide explains how to reinstall it.

    – You can search by tag 161 of the audio codec if the DivX MPEG-4 audio compressor is not complete.
    – Audio codec tag 353 can be requested if there is no audio from the DivX MPEG-4 compressor.

    – 52-tag audio codec can be requested if Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 audio decoder is missing. Audio
    – Tag 85 codec can still be requested if missingFraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 audio decoder.

    – Audio codec tag 49 can be requested if the GSM 6.10 audio codec is missing; see Special instructions for reinstalling it.

    tag 1025 codec

    – Audio codec tag can be requested 1025 if Intel Music Coder is missing. Audio

    – Tag 674F codec can be requested if Ogg Vorbis is not present.
    – The 26447 audio codec tag can be requested if Ogg Vorbis is missing.

    – Audio tag 26481 codec can be requested if Ogg Vorbis codec for MSACM is not available.

    – Audio Tag 45 codec may appear if Sharp G.726 audio codec is simply not available.

    – The 26479 audio codec tag can certainly be requested if the Vorbis Ogg ACM codec is missing.
    – The 676F audio codec tag can be requested if the Vorbis Ogg ACM codec is not present.
    – The 6771 audio codec tag can be set if the Vorbis Ogg ACM codec is not present.

    – Audio Codec 74 tag can be requested if VoxWare MetaSound Audio CoDec is missing.
    – Audio Codec 75 tag may be missing if VoxWare MetaSound Audio CoDec is requested.

    This site URL contains information about the Intel Music Coder (IMC) audio codec.

    Basic Information

    Name: AudioIntel Coder Music Code (IMC)
    Developer: Intelligence
    Developer URL: ?
    Download URL: http://www.moviecodec.com/downloads/23d.html
    Popularity: 2.97%

    Audio Tags

    tag 1025 codec

    There may be effective audio codecs that can handle this / theseAudio tag (s). To check, go to the music codecs page.

    Your Comments?

    The Windows Media Codec Element Output Utility uses the IWMCodecInfo interface (see also IWMCodecInfo2, IWMCodecInfo3), lists installed Windows Media codecs and their formats, and presents most of the results in a convenient way. The utility gives a quick idea of ​​what the programmer will receive through the IWMCodecInfo2 / IWMCodecInfo3 interfaces and which well-known organizational format (WM_MEDIA_TYPE, AM_MEDIA_TYPE, WAVEFORMATEX, VIDEOINFOHEADER) overrides the specific format.

    For a description of the Windows Media video and audio codecs, see Encoding audio with Windows Media video or codecs.

    Copy the clipboard with the running detected information to the clipboard using Comma Separated Values ​​(CSV) format (e.g. adap For Microsoft Excel). The “Submit” button will publish the same information about … possibly additional aggregation in this online store.

    • Exactly wide codec format specified for DVD codec
    • FOUCC video codecs: WM Video – WMV1, WMV2, WMV3; Video screen WM – MSS1, MSS2; Video image WM – WMVP, WVP2; Advanced WM Video Profile – WVC1
    • for audio codecs there are all kinds of codecs with names / descriptions suitable for a GUI.
    • Codecs-Audio enumerates various formats to respond to enumeration settings (for example, requesting VBR formats).
    • WM Audio Lossless playlist formats for single pass VBR mode only.
    • Audio format tags (wFormatTag): WM Audio, including Professional and – Lossless 0x0161, 0x0162, 0x0163; Audio voice WM – 0x000A; ACELP.net – 0x0130

    Part of the Visual C ++ source code. NET 2008 is available from SVN, binaries are included in the release.

    • Move VC-1 to Wikipedia:
    • WMV3

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    • The single and main VC-1 profiles remain fully faithful to the existing WMV3 implementation, making the WMV3 bitstreams VC-1 compliant. The WMV3 codec to be developed mainly supports progressive channels for computer screens. Software interlaced mode was implemented, but it quickly became obsolete when Microsoft began implementing the WMV Advanced Profile. While WMV3 progressive encoding was implemented in the Yuv 4: 2: 0 shadow space, the legacy interlacing process was implemented in the less traditional YUV 4: 1: 1 color space.

      Windows Media Video Codec 9 (WMV3) implements the single and primary mode of the corresponding VC-1 codec and provides high quality standard video playback for streaming and downloading. “It supports a wide range of data rates, from high definition content, which is half to one third of the bit value of MPEG-2, to low-speed Internet video over a dial-up modem. This codec also supports professional quality two-pass downloadable digital video with VBR (Variable Bit Time) encoding. Windows Video Media 3 is already supported by many players and devices. ”[Request a quote]

      Lots of films and videos have appeared in stores High definition, one of which is called WMV HD. These headers are encoded using the main profile WMV3 @ High (MP @ HL).



      WVC1, better known as Windows Media Video, is looking for the Advanced Implements profile, a newer advanced profile that is more fully compatible with the VC-1 codec standard. It is used to support interlaced content and is transport independent. The previous copy of the Windows Media Video 9-series codec allowed users to deliver modern content at a bit rate only one-third the bit rate of the MPEG-2 codec, while maintaining quality comparable to MPEG-2. The Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile codec also provides improved encoding efficiency for interlaced content. A decoder for WVC1 is included in Windows Media Player 11, which actually ships with Windows Vista and can be booted from Windows XP.

    • Windows Media Audio on Wikipedia

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