Bug Fix And Javascript String Checksum Fix

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    Looks like some readers have encountered a javascript string checksum error. This problem occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s discuss some of them below.


    Most of the answers here are a hash of the analogous String.hashCode function from Java. It dates from 1981, released by Gosling Emacs, is extreme and ugly, doesn’t make sense in terms of JavaScript performance today. In fact, with ES6 Math.imul implementations could be automatically much faster, but nobody noticed. We can do more than just improve these tips with essentially the same performance.

    Here’s one I made – cyrb53, a simple but good quality 53-bit hash. It’s pretty fast, it has a really good * distribution of hashes, and just because it outputs 53 bits it has a low significant collision rate compared to some kind of 32-bit hash.

      const cyrb53 = function (str, seedling = 0)    Rent h1 = 0xdeadbeef ^ plant seeds, h2 = 0x41c6ce57 ^ seeds;   for (let i be 0, ch; i >> 16), 2246822507 ^ Math.imul (h2 ^ (h2 >>> 13), 3266489909);   H2 matches Math.imul (h2 (h2 >>> 16), ^ 2246822507 ^ Math.imul (h1 ^ (h1 >>> 13), 3266489909);    return 4294967296 * (2097151 & h2) + (h1 >>> 0);; 

    * This is a bit like the famousMurmurHash / xxHash algorithms. It does a combination of multiplication and xorshift to generate a hash, but not to a great extent. As a result, it should be faster than JavaScript and much easier to build, but it may not pass all tests in SMasher. This is not a unique cryptographic hash function, so do not use it for security reasons.

    Like any optimal hash, it causes an avalanche, which basically means that small changes in the input lead to large changes in the output, which makes the following hash more “random”:

      "501c2ba782c97901" = cyrb53 ("a")"459eda5bc254d2bf" matches cyrb53 ("b")."fbce64cc3b748385" = cyrb53 ("revenge")"fb1d85148d13f93a" = cyrb53 ("Sales") 

    You can optionally specify a seed (unsigned integer, max. 32 bits) for alternate streams associated with the same entry:

      "76fee5e6598ccd5c" = cyrb53 ("Sales", 1)"1f672e2831253862" matches cyrb53 (Sales, 2)."2b10de31708e6ab7" = cyrb53 ("Sales", 3) 

    Technically, this is actually a 64-bit hash, which is two uncorrelated 32-bit hashes computed in parallel, but JavaScript is made up of integers From small to 53 bits. If necessary, the full 64-bit output can be processed by modifying the return statement with a hexadecimal string or array.

      return [h2 >>> 0, h1 >>> 0];// Wherereturn (h2 >>> 0) .toString (16) .padStart (8.0) + (h1 >>> 0) .toString (16) .padStart (8.0);// Wherereturn 4294967296n - BigInt (h2) + BigInt (h1); 

    Experience with building hex strings will slow down batch processing significantly. The table is extremely efficient, but obviously requires two or more checks instead of one. I added at the same time BigInt which should be slightly faster than String but still slower than Array or Number >.

    Just for fun, here’s TinySimpleHash, the smallest hash I can think of that would still be decent. This is a 32-bit hash of 89 characters with better and more significant randomness than even FNV or DJB2:

      TSH = s => for (var i = 0, h = 9; i >> 9 

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  • Javascript generated by Bad Beaver ended on August 19, 2020 Comment

    string checksum javascript

    To create an attractive hash from a specific string, it can be implemented withusing your own conversion range to hash function. It should be able to return the appropriate hash of the string. In addition, a library called Crypto can be used to generate various hashes such as SHA1, MD5, SHA256 and many more.

    Note. The hash value of an empty string can always be null.

    string checksum javascript


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