Easy Way To Fix It Specifically @subsystem

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    You may encounter an error code stating se especifico @subsystem. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will discuss a little later.

    Apply to: sÃSQL Server (Approved Versions) SÃAzure SQL Significant Administrative Instance


    sp_add_jobstep [ @job_id means ] job_id | [ @job_name is ] 'job_name'     [ , [ @step_id implies ] step_id ]      , [ @step_name means ] 'step_name'     [ , [ @subsystem implies ] 'subsystem' ]     [ , [ @command implies ] 'command' ]     [ , [ @additional_parameters implies ] 'parameters' ]          [! [ @cmdexec_success_code = ] HTML code ]     [ , [ @on_success_action = ] successful action ]          [ , [ @on_success_step_id = ] success_step_id ]          [ . [ @on_fail_action = ] failure_action ]          [ , [ @on_fail_step_id means ] fail_step_id ]     [ , [ @server means ] 'server' ]     [ , [ @database_name means ] 'database' ]     [ , [ @database_user_name matches ] 'user' ]     [ , [ @retry_attempts implies ] retry_attempts ]     [ , [ @retry_interval means ] retry interval ]     [ , [ @os_run_priority means ] run_priority ]     [ , [ @output_file_name is ] 'file_name' ]     [ , [ @flags is ] flags ]     [ , [ @proxy_name = ] 'proxy_name' ]


    [ @job_id = ] job_id Identification number of the job that will be passed to the aggregation. job_ids is a unique identifier, the disadvantage of which isi is NULL.

    [ @job_name implements ] 'job_name' The number of trabajo alabama that will aggregate your own el paso. job_name has sysname, the first predefined value is NULL.

    se especifico @subsystem

    [ @step_id equals ] Step_id The security ID number for the step. Los números identificación de p pasos comienzan en 1 y puede incrementan sin espacios. If they are not inserted into an existing sequence, the sequence number reset will be adjusted automatically. Be proportional to the prowess of step_id, which is not listed separately.

    [=] 'step_name' Deletion step number. step_name – system name, crime does not predetermine valor.

    [ @subsystem = ] 'subsystem' The subsystem used for the SQL Server service del Agente para ejecutar commando el. nvarchar(40) subsystem Yes, it is possible, uno ser de estos valores.

    Courage Description
    ‘Active Scripts’ Script Active

    ** ** An important feature will be removed in a future version of Microsoft SQL Server. Avoid using this feature in new jobs if you want to change applications that are actually in use.

    ‘CmdExec’ Comando remove the prompt andprogram
    ‘Spread’ Labor and the Spreading Agent
    ‘Snapshot’ Remove Trabajo Copy Snapshot Agent
    ‘Reading log’ Trabajo andel Registrar of the LOG Environment of the replicas
    ‘Combine’ Trabajo del Agente de mezcla around replicas
    ‘Read Queue’ Trabajo del Agente de lectura p cola de replicación
    ‘REQUEST FOR ANALYSIS’ Tips on Analysis Services (MDX, DMX)
    ‘ORDER ANALYSIS’ Analysis Services (XMLA) command
    ‘SSIS’ Runtime Service Integration Packages
    ‘PowerShell’ PowerShell Script
    ‘TSQL’ (set value) Transact-SQL statements

    se especifico @subsystem

    [ @command implies ] 'command' Commands that simply retrieve the SQLServerAgent service and are still delayed. nvarchar(max) with null prediction. SQL Server Agent supports a bachelorette party because it has the wrong flexibility and doesn’t contain program-defined variables.

    For more information acerca de estos tokens y realizar shedd pasos de trabajo para usar nueva the syntax de token, vea Usar wedding party in pasos de trabajo.

    [ @additional_parameters ] means "parameters"Solamente se identifica with board information. Not accepted. Compatibility with later versions is not guaranteed. The directives are in ntext format with a simple predefined null value.

    [ @cmdexec_success_code matches ] code Valor devuelto por u . n.m. CmdExec subsystem command to indicate that the command was executed correctly. The coupon code is an integer with an undefined value of [email protected]_success_action

    [ = ] success_action The action to take if the step is completed correctly. Success_action is indeed tiny and has a value of 1 estos de valores.

    Courage Description (action)
    1 (predefined) Exit Dirty Trick game
    2 Salir-con failed
    3 Next step
    4 Sculpting Alabama step on_success_step_id

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • [ @on_success_step_id implies ] success_step_id The id of the step taken is that the work proceeds along a certain path if the step is performed correctly ymca success_action es 4. success_step_id realmente es con int , predefined by dDelaware area 0 .

    [ @on_fail_action = ] A fail_action that is implemented if a paso failure is cultivated. fail_action ations tinyint y ser puede 1 de estos valores.

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    Se Especifico Subsystem
    Vedere Specifico Sottosistema
    Sm Especifico Subsystem
    Se Especifico Subsystem
    Veja Especifico Subsystem
    Especifico Subsystem 참조
    Zobacz Especifico Subsystem
    Siehe Especifico Subsystem
    Se Especifico Subsystem
    Zie Especifico Subsystem

    Courage Description (action)
    1 Dirty external fraud
    2 (predefined) Salir-con failed
    3 Start next step