How To Fix Igi Project Error Textures Error

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    If you’re getting an igi project texture error, this guide should help.


    March 4, 2004., 12:47 pm.

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  • 1. Download and install Restoro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • Carl Hughes

    project igi error textures


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    project igi error textures

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    I have the same problem with IGI 2, organization computer Advrnt 2600XP, 2 51.RAM, DDR Radeon 9000 128 MB, tried many diff drivers like Catalyst 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1 and even DX 9.0 in any other. Change the graphics. I find that most of my other video games (unreal2, tournament 2003 and battleground 1942) are shiny and look pretty bad. Which is probably not your PC specification?


    I have exactly the same problem with a pair of IGIs, my computer is advrnt all 2600 512 xp, DDR RAM, Radeon 128 9000MB, I have full diff statements like Catalyst 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1 even tried DX 9.0 and none of them will do. Basically they change them to distance maps. I get most of my other online games (unreal2, tournament 2003 and battlefield 1942) to flicker and look pretty bad. Do your actions match the characteristics?his PC?

    IGI-2project – Secret StrikeSubmitted by: Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter01/23/03I. INSTALL THE GAMEII. BEGINNING OF THE GAMEIII. GET STARTED AND PLAY A MULTIPLAYER GAMEIV. REQUIREMENTS FOR MATERIALSV. INCREASED PERFORMANCEVI. KNOWN ISSUESI. GAME INSTALLATION:=============================NOTE. Minimize the number of installation contractors when.insert the Disc into 1 CD/DVD drive. If you have enabled autoplayshould start building immediately. If autorun is disabled, look atCD and double click “setup.exe”.You will be prompted to select a custom language for the installer.Select a program – select it from the drop-down list.You will then be prompted to enter the directory you wish to install the game.for someafter a few minutes you will be prompted again to insert 2 discs to continueChange the CD to CD 2 and search for “OK”.II. ORDER OF PLAY:===========================After installing “Project IGI2: Strike” a cache appears on “igi Auf 2″own desktop shortcut. Double click it to launch it.play the gameIn addition, you can also start the video via: Menu Attempt –IGI programs -codemasters 2 -IGI 2 game.III. START JOINING THE MULTIPLAYER GAME:===========================================1. Multiplayer game to start. Join:——————————- type and game select “Multiplayer”.- Then decide to click “join game” and click “local network search” to find all availablePlay on LAN or SEARCH ON THE INTERNET to find all available servers on the World Wide Web.To use this option, you must already be logged into the website.- On this screen you can enter your important name and IP address.waiter, if you know him.- Select all the games you want to join to use the above option that is enabled.The list will be sorted by number of players, ping and name by clicking on “JOIN”.- the game will most likely load into the team selection screen.2. Launch a multiplayer game:——————————– Launch the game and select “Multiplayer”. Then select “Start Server”.- InputEnter your name and server name at the top of the screen.- Click “Map List” to choose where the cards you want to play when”OK, finish.- You can also set the maximum number of people you want to allow on itServers, number of viewers, person’s port number, whether weapons were thrownRemain Enemies to decide if first aid kits are allowed,or if you want to run a game such as a dedicated server. NOTE: IfIf you choose the last strategy, you will not be able to play the game on this PC.See below for more information on Dedicated Servers.- Click “OK” to start a new game.Play- into the game, then the screen click “Choose a team.”3. Setting up a dedicated server for each multiplayer game:————————————————– Create ——- You have a shortcut unique to ‘igi2.exe’, right click it and buy”Properties” and add “Windows Software Server Dedicated Port 26001 Level 02”.after “…igi2.This exe” in the dedicated “Target:” field. shortcut This usage is equivalent to the runtimeDedicated server. shows a normally black windowstarts that sometimes the serverfunctioning. List of multiplayer to maps:level01, match redstoneforest attack level 02Level03 == Sandstormlevel04 to match Timberlandlevel05 = chinese templeAvailable plug-in numbers: Port26001 -Port26014.IV. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS:==============================(i) requirements(ii) Minimum Recommended Requirements(iii) Supported cards(i) Minimum graphic requirementsWin98/ME/2000/XPDirectX 8.1Pentium III or 700 MHz athlon12 8 32 MB RAMsupported graphics cardsound card compatible with DirectX 8.18 CDs1.9 GB disk space(1.4 GB of board games, 500 MB recommended free after installation)(ii) RequirementsWin98/ME/2000/XPDirectX 8.1Pentium 3/4 Athlon or at find GHz512 1.2 MB RAM64MB card supportedSound card compatible with DirectX Graphics 8.132 CDs1.9 GB disk space(1.4 GB for the game, 500 MB free after installation is complete)(iii) Supported graphics cards3dfx voodoo 4/5ATI Radeon, 7xxx/8xxx/9xxxMatrox G400, Radeon G450, G550, ParheliaNvidia TNT riva 2, 256/2/3/4SiS GeForce XabreV. INCREASED PERFORMANCE:===========================If you’re having trouble getting IGI2 to speed up browsing on your computer,please.windowThere are several options in the graphics settings. shoppingbelow List into three sections, divided into sections CPU, Board, GFX and RAM. from whateverYour system zone is I would say the lowest/oldest of some of them, try the optionsincluding to get some of your materials. Don’t post them all at once, upvote from thisone youPlease note that changes to the solution have very little effect on the retail price of the IGI2.unless you are using a very old graphics card.———————————-CPU. Once your processor is running at or below 1 GHz, some make changes so you can do it.settings:1. Detail terrain Slider is a skill. It is very expensive. Fall notification in generalThe terrain slider forces the area to transform (also note that your company can do this).Increase to this maximum so you can heal terrain warp if you provide very goodmachineYes (2 or GHz slightly higher)).2. It’s all the same – important glare, stickers on bullets, wind ontrees. Destroy them one at a time, leaving 1 as the only buyer

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