How To Fix Issues With Reinstalling Packages With Openwrt Sysupgrade

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    You may have encountered a bug that openwrt sysupgrade is reinstalling packages. It turns out that there are several ways to solve this problem, and we will talk about them a little later. sysupgrade is a kind of OpenWrt invention that allows you to upgrade all rootfs to different firmwares. The sysupgrade script for Gateworks products provides the following: The /sbin/sysupgrade script on the target device flashes the exact kernels/rootfs contained in the image.

    The script helps restore fully installed OpenWRT packages after updating the main firmware image via sysupgrade. It works ONLY if the standard firmware image provided by the OpenWRT project is still sufficient to connect to your Internet, but you you need additional applications for additional functionality. In other words, DOES NOT WORK if you encounter the Internet requires additional offers to be installed (for example, a kernel module to get an LTE modem).
    The script has been tested to upgrade from OpenWRT 18.06.1 to 18.06.2 and develop an image, and between Development snapshots. In LEDE 17.01.x “herd” is not a very important part of the default image and therefore must be set manually.
    Initial installation:
    1. Save the script /etc/package-list/persist to .sh
    2. chmod 755 /etc/package-list/persist.sh
    3. echo “*/5 * 3 . * * flock -n /var/lock/persist.lock /etc/package-list/persist.sh” > /etc/crontabs/root
    4. Edit /etc/sysupgrade.conf,by specifying the name and /etc/package-list/ other files actually saved, e.g. /etc/firewall.user
    5. symbols /usr/.extra-packages-installed
    6. Restart your router
    openwrt sysupgrade reinstall packages

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