Fix Php Debugging Issue In Linux NetBeans

This blog post was created to help you when you get the netbeans php debug linux.

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    1. Install Xdebug,

      Install To Get Apt-get Php

    install Sudo Php5-xdebug
    1. Configure Xdebug.ini For Ubuntu
    vim /etc/php5/fpm/conf.d/20-xdebug.ini
    restart Sudo Php5-fpm Plan

    Configure Netbeans Tools:

    1. Select > Options > PHP > Debug.
    2. Set the debug port From : 9001
    3. Start debugging a project by pressing Ctrl + F5, or a file by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F5.

    For A WordPress Plugin/theme:

    1. Choose Project Properties > Preference Execute. Set the project URL.
    2. Access additional options.

  • Map your local project focus (source code directory) with the On server focus directory (your server plugin/theme).
  • Start debugging the theme/plugin.
  • In this tutorial, we will most likely cover certain terms for debugging, as well as the necessary steps for debugging PHP programs using 3, xdebug, and NetBeans applicationsfor generated php, using containers. Docker in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is containerized. It is assumed that Docker and NetBeans are already installed on your Ubuntu system. Maybe

    See also How to install Docker Install Engine on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Containerizing PHP with Apache, MySQL and MongoDB from containers using Docker Containerizing PHP NGINX, MySQL with and MongoDB using containers, Docker and How to install NetBeans 12 for PHP on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS tracker.

    I am containerizing php using MySQL nginx and MongoDB and using Docker containers for your guidance.

    This tutorial assumes that you have unpacked your netbeans project and set it up so that the browser can run the application.

    Troubleshooting Explains The Provisions

    All these terms are important for debugging. Links to them are given below.

    The current instruction pointer is the instruction index pointing to the current position where the debugger will stop and wait for the next instructions.

    Breakpoint. The running program stops at these breakpoints until the debugger prompts for further instructions. Added pointsbreaks are used to check the model for errors.

    Go to the next step – go to the next statement if there is no function call, or sometimes enter a function to debug a problem if there is an additional call to the executable instruction. We can enter the in function by calling the current operator to test it. The execution of the testament stops first at the General Function statement.

    To enter or not to enter. Complete the remaining statements of most functions, exit the function, and place the cursor on the next on statement to call the function.

    Jump step Executes the current instruction without continuing the function, if any. Ignore the function and run it without typing.

    resume – Resume execution while the program is running normally until the next breakpoint test. Program execution stops next in the test if a breakpoint can be described there.- < /p>

    pause Pause current usage. The instruction pointer currently points to the instruction stop where the strategies.

    Stop – complete No current execution created by the program and clears breakpoints from Stack and from memory.

    Install Xdebug

    To use to demonstrate Xedug for PHP, I will use the same configuration as for Containerize in php NGINX, MySQL and MongoDB using Docker containers. In this step, we will update this Xdebug configuration file as well as the PHP docker file. Also configure Xdebug for PHP.

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  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • #docker-compose.yml
    . .php:
    . . . .container_name: .php
    - . . .build: .. /docker/php
    - . /xdebug:/var/logs/xdebug
    Working directory: /var/www/html

    netbeans php debug linux

    netbeans php debug linux

    xdebug.client_port implies 9003< br>xdebug.start_with_request=yes

    FROM php:8.1-fpm

    START apt-get update
    START apt-get download Autoconf -y pkg-config libssl-dev

    docker-php-ext-install # mysql
    run pdo pdo_mysql mysqli

    # MongoDB
    RUN pecl install mongodb
    RUN echo "extension=mongodb.so" >> /usr /local /etc/php/conf.d/mongodb.ini

    # Xdebug
    Run pecl install xdebug-3.1.2
    ADD xdebug.ini /usr/local/etc/php/conf. d/xdebug.ini

    docker-compose build

    mysql image, use jump
    phpmyadmin image, use jump
    mongo use effect, jump
    mongoexpress uses image whose jump
    Create php
    step: 7/8 Pecl run hook xdebug-3 up.1.2
    ---> to Run c3258a080bb2< br>Loading xdebug-3.1.2.tgz...
    Starting loading xdebug-3.1.2.tgz (230023 bytes)
    .......... ... ... . . ......................................230,023 bytes
    93 fact: Source files, structure
    works: phpize
    Configuration for:
    PHP API version: 20210902
    Zend module API #: 20210902
    Zend extension API: 420210902< br>. ...
    ....< Up
    output /p>


    #mongo ... done
    Run php ... mysql done
    Run ... done
    Run pma . .. done
    rebuild mexpress ...finished
    run nginx ... done
    connect to mysql, mongo, pma, nginx, perl, mexpress
    .. . .
    php | [14-Dec-2021 02:36:42] PID fpm works, 1
    php | [fourteen. dec. 2021 02:36:42] NOTE. Everything is ready to process these connections

    We can check if Xdebug is installed by looking at each of the PHP outputs shown in Figure 1-1. 1.

    Configuring NetBeans For Xdebug

    At this important step, we will set up NetBeans, which is necessary for Xdebug. Now right click on the project, then select “Properties” from the options available in the market. We can set up a root network as shown in fig. 2.

    Press the entire ” ” button”Confirm” to apply the change. also We need to provide Xdebug netbeans. Now click Tools -> Options -> PHP Debugging -> You will configure the debugger port id and game as shown in fig. 4.

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