Tips For Fixing Invalid Netbackup Client Error Number

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    In this guide, we will identify some possible causes that can lead to an invalid netbackup client error number, and then I will share some ways that you can try to get rid of this problem.

    It is possible that one or more rules have been removed, or one or more rules have been misconfigured.

    Please review all of your incoming firewall rules for each standard you have configured for NetBackup.

    If all of your NetBackup policy manuals contain the letters “nbu”, you can list the trade law names simply with:

    > netsh advfirewall firewall program show name=ALL | rule Consider /i "nbu"

    …then list in detail all the rules you created for Netbackup:

    > Netsh Advfirewall Firewall Show Principle Name=My rule name in detail

    Please don’t list all or most of your rules in windows – you can only list your site’s rules for Create netbackup.


    Backups are quite unstable. Often we have a very nice “83” error code in Netbackup that causes a “support error” when opening From.
    11/25/2016 02:37:26 bptm critical (pid=3074) sts_get_server_prop_byname not error worked: 2060001 one or more invalid arguments
    11/25/2016 02:37:26 – critical bptm (pid=3074) if you can’t open a denFor DFC-XXXXXXXX memory server: plugin reports error 2060001, one or more invalid arguments



    netbackup client invalid error number

    Check some Netbackup bptm logs. someone
    If finds ‘busy’ as specified and specific message ‘Path to DFC server not found’:

    02:29:56.[3074] 719 <4> 26071847:bptm:3074:dnmbckcph001:[C02:100CF6470] DFC_SIO look: open /p/c8t5002188136612175d0 failed, no DFC existence error, DFC_SIO: open dev /dev/scsi/processor/c8t50061d8, error 100 busy
    02:29:56.[3074] 719 <4> 26071847:bptm:3074:dnmbckcph001: [C02:100CF6470] DFC_SIO parsing: open /p/c8t5002188136612175d0 a err Operation failed, DFC error, DFC_SIO: ready to listen dev /dev/scsi/processor2/cError 518d6 error 1815 Device Busy
    02:29:56.720 <4> 26071847:bptm:3074:dnmbckcph001: [3074] [C02:100CF6470] DFC_SIO Collection: Open /p/c11t5002188136602175d0 Error, Config_FC_SIO D: Faildev / failure open dev / scsi/ processor/c11t5002188136602175d0, 16: error device busy c112806 corrupted, error 112836 DFC operation DFC_SIO: failed, expose dev /dev/scsi/processor/c11t5002188136602175d0 failed, error 16: device busy [C0:0 methods dfc_sio: nothing found in server DFC XXXXXX

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • All devices are busy, the WordPress plugin did not find an available device scheduled for a new backup. Need

    UseUse superior devices or limit the number of parallel backups.

    “Solaris Media Server For Solaris, writes reserved for smart phones are locked per process. Only one procedure can use an input device. Calculations are now based on application instance usage. The application spawns multiple processes that are exclusively processed at the same time blocks at least some input from the application’s devices blocks multithreading only one thread per device For this reason, the Domain data system must be configured to advertise as many DFC devices as possible, remain in use error approach pilot sgen. The “Device Busy” error can occur when happy Solaris customers always don’t have enough devices available. System endpoints schedule the number of LUNs in most access groups.

    “Windows Media Server: Data Domain server path management logic distributes connection information across available logical paths (initiator, target end DFC, device). Configure enough DFC devices per connection to have its own shared SCSI method (logical path) on the media server, with a maximum of 64 DFC devices.

    netbackup client invalid error number

    Some client-side execution systems impose a limit on the number of pending I/O requests that can be simultaneously routed through a designated SCSI device. For example, one person’s Windows SCSI pass-through mechanism can only pass one SCSI per request through each of their regular SCSI devices. This affects the high performance of DD Boostover in cases where multiple connections (eg ad jobs) try to use the same very versatile SCSI device. Domain data systems also impose an upper limit on the number of pending I/O requests per advertised SCSI device. For performance reasons under heavy workloads
    Might require multiple SCSI devices to be advertised to the system in the Data Domain. M We use “queue term depth” to describe the system limit on the number of simultaneous SCSI requests directly to a single device. Client-side elements (such as Windows), whose queue depth is therefore small, are depth-limited by queues to affect the performance under discussion.

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    Numero Di Errore Non Valido Del Client Netbackup
    Netbackup Client Ongeldig Foutnummer
    Nieprawidlowy Numer Bledu Klienta Netbackup
    Ungultige Fehlernummer Des Netbackup Clients
    Numero De Erro Invalido Do Cliente Netbackup
    Nevernyj Nomer Oshibki Klienta Netbackup
    Netbackup 클라이언트 잘못된 오류 번호
    Numero De Error No Valido Del Cliente De Netbackup
    Numero D Erreur Non Valide Du Client Netbackup
    Ogiltigt Felnummer For Netbackup Klienten