Steps To Resolve MSI Error 2762. Failed To Write Script Entry

You may encounter an error code indicating msi error 2762. Script recording could not be recorded. It turns out that there are several ways to solve this problem, and we will talk about them a little later.

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    means:Error “Could not create script logger. The transaction is not necessarily fully started.” “InstallExecuteSequence may not have been created correctly at some point. The actions that modify each of our systems must be ordered between their installinitialize and InstallFinalize actions.

    Action attempted 09:01:36: UpdateInstallConfig.(c)
    msi (30:44) [09:01:36:340]: Note: 0:2762.
    Error 2762. Unable to write script became proof. Transaction not started.
    MSI (c) [09:02:23:156]: ANCILE returns: (30:44) uPerform Client – Error 2762. Unable to save write script. The transaction is less than started.

    • VBS script saved in binary file
    • Synchronously (check for space)
    • Delayed in system context/environment >
    • Install sequence Exec After=InstallInitialize
    • Install condition Exec=_IsMaintenance=”Change”

    Dim CAD ' custom action data
    Dim arrayCAD ' CAD series data is correct after splitting
    Dim strLanguage ' Language to set.StrCompanyName config
    dim ' Setting for company name . StrProductID config
    dim ' product_id install for.XmlDoc
    Dim installdir, config
    dim fso, strErrText
    Dim xPE
    Dim strFileName

    msi error 2762.cannot write script record

    CAD = Session.CustomActionData property(" ")

    arrayCAD means Split(CAD, "||")

    strLanguage ArrayCAD(0)
    strCompanyName = arrayCAD(1)< br>strProductID means ArrayCAD(2

    InstallDir ) = = Session.Property("INSTALLDIR")
    Set equals fso is CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set xmlDoc = CreateObject(" Microsoft.XMLDOM")

    xmlDoc.async is "false"
    xmlDoc.=validateonparse False Enable parsing on load to avoid parsing errors

    LogInfo " & "updateinstallconfig : "Check only for install.config file."updateinstallconfig: "
    loginfo" &&installdir "Clientinstall.=

    strfilename config" InstallDir "Clientinstall &.config"

    < p>If (fso.FileExists (strFileName)) Then
    If xmlDoc.load Then
    (strfilename) LogInfo UpdateInstallConfig: centimeter & F " ile "Configuration opened successfully."

    msi error 2762.cannot write script record

    xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName ("Language").item(0).= text StrLanguage
    loginfo "UpdateInstallCo nfig: "&From"change language to "&Session. Property ("INSTALL_LANGUAGE")

    xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("CompanyName").item(0).text = strCompanyName
    LogInfo & "updateinstallconfig:" "Change company name" to & Session. Property("COMPANYNAME")

    xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("ProductId").item(0).= text
    strProductID LogInfo "updateinstallconfig: " & "PRODUCT_ID changed to & " Session property." ( > product_id")

    " "updateinstallconfig: loginfo "File & config saved successfully. Else
    Set xPE value is equal to xmlDoc.ParseError
    > With p> xPE

    < strErrText Document = XML "Your error while loadingdid not become internal & _
    " due to a save with an error". .& .vbCrLf .& ._
    .»Error . #: ." .& ..& error code inches: in & " xpe.& reason _
    From "line no.: " & .&vbCrLf line &_
    " Line position: thumb &. &vbCrLf linepos _< br> > &"File position: thumb &.filepos & & vbCrLf _
    Source: "text " &.srcText .& .vbCrLf ._
    . & .Du .url .document: ." .& ..url
    LogInfo Inches From "updateinstallconfig: wide StrErrText
    & End with
    End if
    LogInfo " "updateinstallconfig: " Failed to load install.config file "< /p>

    Install=xPE xmlDoc.For parseerror
    strErrText xPE

    equals "Your XML document could not be inserted" required by &_
    , right after the error." && vbCrLf "Error #: _
    " & .& errorcode & ": " xPE.&_
    cause " Line # Inch: &.& .line .vbCrLf .& ._< br> ." .line .position: ."& .. linepos &VbCrLf "Position of &_
    in "file: &.filepos .& ._
    .vbCrLf .& ."Text .source: .inches .top .of .& ..srcText .& .vbCrLf ._ < br> .& .Du .url .document:." .& ..> LogInfo url
    end End If
    LogInfo "UpdateInstallConfig : "& "Unable to find file install.config.If

    end LogInfo(msg)
    Dim set rec Session =.Installer.CreateRecord(1)
    rec.equal to stringdata(0) LogInfo = msg
    Session.Message(&H04000000, rec )
    end function

    This is overridden by the “InstallConfigData” custom action, which can be an immediate action for a scheduled sprint sequence install in run after cost initializationand.

    Dim strBucket
    strBucket = Session.Property("INSTALL_LANGUAGE")
    strBucket Is strbucket equal to "||"
    strBucket & = strbucket Session &.Property("COMPANYNAME")< br >strBucket = StrBucket & "||"
    strBucket is StrBucket & Session.Property("PRODUCT_ID")
    Session.Property("UpdateInstallConfig") = am strBucket

    I’m new to InstallShield and MSI in general, so I’d really appreciate it.

    By the way, the purpose of CA is to allow the player to change the product ID and in addition the company name after installation. These values ​​are stored in an XML file located in the ProductNameClient directory associated with the default program files. Started the business via “Installation and Programs” uninstall (“Edit” button). I think there is no real rights to modify the file in the AC path, it is if managed that way.

    Dim CAD ‘ data Custom ArrayCAD
    dim action ‘ CAD data group by section
    Dim strLanguage ‘ Language to set. StrCompanyName config
    dim ‘ company name install.StrProductID config
    dim ‘ PRODUCT_ID for install.InstallDir, config
    dim fso, xPE
    Dim xmlDoc
    Dim strErrText
    Dim strFileName

    xmlDoc.async = “false”
    xmlDoc.= validateonparse ‘Disable false parsing during setup to avoid parsing

    LogInfo errors in “updateinstallconfig: &” Check file install.config.In “
    loginfo “updateinstallconfig: & &”clientinstall installdir.config”

    If (fso.FileExists(strFileName)) Then
    If xmlDoc.(strFileName) load Then
    “UpdateInstallConfig: loginfo inside & “config file opens successfully.”

    xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName(“Language”).item(0).= text strLanguage
    LogInfo “UpdateInstallConfig: ” & Language “change” to & Session.Property(“INSTALL_LANGUAGE”)

    xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName(“CompanyName”).item(0).= text strCompanyName
    “UpdateInstallConfig:” loginfo “Change & to &companyname” Session.Property(“COMPANYNAME”)

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  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName(“ProductId”).item(0).text =
    strProductID LogInfo ” “updateinstallconfig: & “PRODUCT_ID changed to & ” Session.Property(“PRODUCT_ID”)

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