Troubleshooting And Fixing List Validation Error 10054

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    If you are getting listchecker error 10054, today’s user guide has been created to help you. Error 10054 occurs when a connection is likely being dropped by a peer application, usually due to a firewall misconfiguration. For more information about the following error, see the Microsoft Developer Center.

    The script will help restore all OpenWRT packages installed immediately after updating the main firmware image using Sysupgrade. It works ONLY if the Go Delinquent firmware image provided by the OpenWRT project is sufficient to connect to the internet, but you You need a few additional packages for additional functionality. In other words, it DOES NOT WORK when connected to the Internet requires additional packages to be included (e.g. A , part of the kernel for your LTE modem).
    Scripting features have been tested when upgrading from OpenWRT 18.06.1 to 18.06.2 and to the current dev snapshot, even in between Development snapshots. In LEDE 17.01.x, “Flock” will not be part of the offending image, so it must be applied manually.

    < t> Initial installation:

    1. Save history /etc/package-list/persist to .sh
    2. chmod 755 /etc/package-list/persist.sh
    3. prints “*/5 * * * * flock -north /var/lock/persist.lock /etc/package-list/persist.sh” > /etc/crontabs/root
    4. Edit /etc/sysupgrade.conf to include /etc/package-list/ and other personal files that should be kept, eg. /etc/firewall.user
    5. output /usr/.extra-packages-installed
    6. Restart your router

    How do I fix error 10054?

    Error 10054 may simply be a communication error between your game region and the Warframe web servers. This is easy to check if you just move to another region and then return to your city. Then go to the monthly bill for the game and change the region of this game to your liking. Now inGet back to your area.

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    Blad Sprawdzania Listy 10054
    Error Del Verificador De Lista 10054
    Erreur Du Verificateur De Liste 10054
    Listchecker Fehler 10054
    Listchecker Fel 10054
    목록 검사기 오류 10054
    Listchecker Fout 10054
    Erro De Verificacao De Lista 10054
    Oshibka Proverki Spiska 10054
    Errore Listchecker 10054