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    HZ is the specific frequency at which the tiny system hardware is programmed to interrupt the kernel. Much of the control of the enabled internal kernel interface, including process accounting, internal scheduler slot accounting, and timing control, is done in the timer output handler.


    • Hint:

      Common High Resolution Timer Support

    • Type: Boolean
    • depends On: (none)
    • set Kernel/time/Kconfig
    • About Linux Kernels: 2.6.21-2.6.39, 3.0-3.19, 4.0-4.20, 5.0-5.16, 5.17-rc+HEAD

    Help Parameter Text

    What are jiffies in Linux?

    the variable “jiffies” contains a sort of number of ticks that have occurred since system startup. Shoes, in the kernel successfully initializes the variable to zero, it increments close to one on each timer interrupt. Because there are HZ timer pauses of one per second, there are HZ pauses of one per second.

    This one includes high quality high resolution timer support. If yourHardware alone is not capable, so only this option improves the machinekernel image.



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    The goal of the High Definition Timers project is to implement an APIca POSIX 1003.1b Section 14 And (timers per hour) Linux. This includes support for high resolution electronic timers, higher accuracy than Jiffy 1. specific

    kernel config_high_res_timers

    When the project started, the electronic timer and posix clock APIs were not supported by Linux. core Infrastructure support for large timers has been included in the core core (in version 2.6.21). However, at the time of this writing, not all frameworks natively support timers for good resolutions. Evenand if a kernel-style service is installed, configuring it directly for the kernel can be tricky.


    What is Config_hz?

    Results. and Like other versions of CONFIG_, CONFIG_HZ is a configuration option. You: find Kernel/Kconfig here. , hertz, as well as various change-specific arch in other Kconfig files. maintenance It is also stored during global builds in the generated configuration document, include/generated/autoconf.

    Timers are currently only supported on Linux with a final resolution of 1 jiffy. The length of a jiffy focuses on the Inside hz value of the Linux kernel and is 9 milliseconds on i386 and many other platforms, and 10 milliseconds on commonly embedded platforms.

    Higher Resolution – Higher are the timers needed to allow the system to recalculate and process data at more accurate intervals.



    hrtimers.- H Stitch by Thomas Gleixner

    Thomas Gleixner’s Timers is a project to support higher resolution timers.

    kernel config_high_res_timers

    Thomas gave a talk at the Linux Symposium in Ottawa in July 2006 talking about the current state of Hrtimers. Presentation here:July Timer OLS

    Since 2006, “general clock sources” have been implemented in the main contact of the Linux kernel (2.6.18-rc??). re which is available. HR timers may be coming soon, likely to follow in 2.6.19.Summer

    ktimers replaced with hrtimers which is the type and core of hrtimers and/ormerged is present in Linus 2.6.16-rc2. usually htimers is used as a basefor itimer and nanosleep posix timer. Hour counters exceededJonathan Corbet actually covered it well at http://lwn.net/Articles/167897/.

    Because in version 2.6.16-rc2 all only the main clock is powered by hrtimers, hrtimers are essentiallyuse the minutter system as a tick source and trade on HZ. John StultzThe generalized time search does not yet have a combination code. Thomas Gleixner ofMaintenance of Git Woods and posted kindly updates onhttp://www.tglx.de/projects/hrtimers/ which containhistoryNickname the clock, new day clock panels and get that huge “highResolution Timer” for subsets related to architectures.

    Working with high resolution timers is experimental and targetedwork on x86 first you if you want it to work with you and you are good enoughIt is recommended to use 2.6.16 Popcorn Kernel, please report any problems to our team.or benefits. In contrast, in the previous implementation, many had GeorgeAnzinger still offers quite some fancy features.in the new era 2.6.8-2.6.10, but at the moment it is not a current project.

    HRT 1 Geoge Patch

    Prior to anzinger’s return to HRtimers, the main patch was that provided height resolution timersCoat of arms of George Anzinger.

    • High Resolution Timer