Best Way To Fix Issues With Opening Java Icons Control Panel

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    Over the past few days, some readers have come across a known bug that prevents the java icon bar from opening. This problem can occur for many reasons. Let’s discuss this below.

    How To: Fix the “Not Application Error Detected” icon completely in the Java Control Panel. The same way may be for other windows, which are degraded by useful window management icons.
    The windows icon on the Java Control Panel may be corrupted or even corrupted.
    Attempting to release the icon results in the message “Explorer.exe: Application not found”.

    Note that the icon for Panel A is a regular image without the Java logo:

    Why is Java not opening?

    There may some be bags that if you install java 64 but the bit doesn’t open try the 32 bit version to install java. Indeed, the 32-bit version usually has fewer problems than the 62-bit version of Java c. So download the appropriate option. Start over right now by downloading the java system.

    This issue appears to be related to recent JRE installations failing and a regular Sun job. they are Steps

    java icon control panel not opening

    were originally written for Windows 7. Some readers have reported that this also works on Windows 10, which I haven’t tested exactly.

    How do I fix Java Control Panel?

    Step 1: Remove Java. Download the environmentYou can remove it from the Java Java website. Save the file, then right-click “Run as administrator”.Step 2: Download and install Java. Download and install the JRE from the Java website. Save the file, then right click “Basic Administrator” run.

    Articles Java cache sizes may be too high. Crop them to size.

    java icon control panel not opening

    Reinstalling Java Runtime (environment) jre is not always Solves the problem.

    Control panel if necessary Is it possible to run java even though the control panel is clearly missing an icon or is corrupted. Your approach or version may differ. .The following .steps show .how to .understand .the .path:

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  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • Note that also when you run .javacpl in this .great .way .you .click ..and the .exe .file with another .and mouse “run at time” . received admin. Running as administrator fixes a bug where all changes made in the update panel (update configuration changes) are not saved. That’s right, even the icon if likely to work correctly. Sun/Java is aware of these issues.

    Why can’t I find Java in Control Panel?

    On Windows 10, the client CANNOT easily find the Java control panel. 1: this is for: open command line 2: enter control.exe 3: select programs 4: press java you and there. We can try the following three methods to find the Java Control Panel: Right click on the button and start selecting Controls Panel.

    To solve this problem, you need to know the file ID of the executable that someone’s Java control panel is running on. Unfortunately, the icons on the panel often actually hide the name of the program. Follow the steps below to find the base .exe file name.

    If you already know the executable name, skip loop 1.

    eg 7 –
    Program Files normally: (x86)JavaJRE6binJavacpl.exe

    Windows – 10
    C:Program (x86)Javajre1 files.8.0_101binjavacpl.exe

    In Control Panel, right-click the crash icon
    Click Create Shortcut.
    The shortcut is placed on a specific desktop without any messages or other prompts.


    Note. In this case, the name of the similar Java panel control icon remains “Panel ControlAll Panel Items LimitJava”, which is not the name of the actual executable, and certainly n, not very useful. Most control panel icons don’t show the target path because the name is actually hidden in the registry. Continue with the remaining steps to find the correct name.

    Change icon

    If the underlying executable is corrupted or missing, the error message that appears indicates the actual path. For some reason the Java Control Panel shows “Windows Reviews cannot find FilesJavaJRE6binjavacpl c:program.exe”. (On Windows 10, you need to copy this path and filename.)

    note the intent and the file name.
    Use this to find the final case value in the next general search step

    Path example (depending on later version, etc.):
    C:Program FilesJavaJRE6binjavacpl.exe
    C:Program Files (x86)Javajre1.8.0_101binjavacpl.exe

    Assuming you know the path to the Control Panel icon (see instructions above), use Regedit to fix the failure of each of our keys. Be careful when editing and trimming the registry:

    1. Launch Registry Editor from Windows menu, Start Run, “regedit.type exe”

    or “regedit” in Windows search.
    or type “windows key+R”, “regedit.
    Or exe” read this article to find out how to deploy a Windows 7 Runtime Management System in the market – can be recommended

    2. You place this register cursor at the top of this tree structure, on “Computer”.

    3. Type Ctrl-F (Search) and find the full name of the executable file.

    Important, so look for the use of a partial path, not the actual name. Example,

    How do I get Java icon in Control Panel?

    Click the “Start” button, and then simply select “Control Panel”. In the Control Panel search, type Java Control Panel. Click the Java icon to open the current Java Control Panel.

    is the path valid: full
    C:Program FilesJavaJRE6binjavacpl.exe

    …find this substring Windows 7::
    File “binjavacpl.exe” (without quotes)
    Windows 10: “binjavacpl.exe” (comma, no quotes)

    Search in order allows substrings to be avoidedproblems with “Program Files (x86)” and “Program Files” or different versions, numbers, etc.

    Windows 7:
    For Java control panel dreaming to find this GUID registry key:

    In any case, make sure this requirement is in HKEY_Classes_Root CSLID, and not anywhere else in the main registry. by opening

    Confirm key; Following are the details of where javacpl.exe is hiding.

    If you find a location outside of CLSID{4299124F…, click it, just click To continue searching f3.
    I noticed in Windows 7 this is usually the first key you should find.

    Delete non-top folder

    delete specific CSLID folders.
    Close registry.panel
    Close controls

    If 7 windows and the key “Wow6432Node” are found, you may have exceeded the CSLID key. Confirm that you started the quest from the top of the tree. If you still can’t find the point, don’t continue using the relaxation time in this article.


    How do I fix Java apps not opening?

    Right-click on the Start menu and select Applications on the Situation menu.In the list of installed programs, navigate to java and click Uninstall.Click here to open the Java page and save it to your computer.

    The “generic” Java icon should be properly replaced with a well-formed Java icon, and the new control panel icon should work correctly.

    If the control panel is still not working properlyoh, consider reinstalling Java (www.install.java.com).

    Correct registration key:

    2017.02 – Author’s note.
    I have removed registry key merging from the article due to new and different Java differences between Windows 7 and later versions of 10.

    Reinstalling Java:
    This article does not recommend reinstalling .java to fix this (author bought it, didn’t help), but based on feedback from readers, many have tried to allow them to reinstall. Be careful when making a decision, make sure you install


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