Please Help With The Error That The HP Laserjet 1012 Print Spooler Is Not Working

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    Hello everyone. I just panic. I have a Dell laptop running Windows XP and an HP 1012 Laserjet. The laserjet was working fine, and last night I suddenly thought it couldn’t print anymore. I get the message: Print spooler operations are not running. I pulled a lot of things that I showed on the internet to get the idea working again, nothing, but so far it has worked.

    Please understand that I am not a computer scientist or a technical specialist. However, I can follow the instructions if they are understandable.

    Also, when I was about to send this message, the printer unexpectedly printed a page that said:

    How do I fix the Print Spooler service is not running?

    Press Window + R to open the Run dialog box.Enter “Services.msc” and then select “OK”.Double-click the Print Spooler service, then change the start company type to Automatic.Restart the separate computer and try installing the device again.

    I hadn’t installed any new apps for days before this happened last night.

    I can’t install the printer at the same time. So it’s quite possible! I couldn’t eveny try to reinstall the printer driver software.

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  • How do I fix the Print Spooler on my HP printer?

    Press “Windows key” + “r” to open the “Run” window. Enter half inch Other services. msc” to get the services – go to “Print Spooler” – right click and “Stop” the service. Now much more open “Run” – type “buffer” and just click OK – go to “PRINTERS” directory – delete everything in this file.

    I want to add printer, but as always, I get the error “The print spooler service could not be started”.

    I can’t display an image from my computer. It didn’t show up in any other visible computer or printer problems.

    When I use the printer in case of a problem and click the “Add Printer” link, I get the error “Print spooler service does not exist”.

    How do I clear and reset the Print Spooler?

    Download Reset and remove the print spooler. diddly by MajorGeeks and extract the disk and powershell scripts. Right click “Reset” and “Clear print spooler”. bat and click “Run as administrator” (all operating systems) or in Windows 10, right-click “Reset” and clear the Win 10 print spooler.

    “I searched for ‘Print Spooler’ but got a number

    hp laserjet 1012 print spooler not running


    Often, but not always, the symptoms you describe are caused by a corrupted print job hovering over a queue, or a corrupted device driver. Then you can download, update, install and run a full scan yourself using one of these two free programs:

    MalwareBytes mail protection
    SUPER Anti-Spyware

    Do not run two additional scans at the same time. Each of them will take a long time, so run them and then do something else to keep them running for a while.

    Cleaning printers

    NOTE. If the graphics spooler still does not start after completing a step after someone ran the “Net Spooler” command, try not to run all the steps while the “First Article” is being published. Instead, go to another download link and then use the “cleanspl” utility as described here.

    If the following suggestions did not solve your problem, be sure to include the following information:

    • Required version of Windows, including service pack (run > install > winver > OK)
    • The model and model of the printer you are using (including manufacturer, model, and model number, such as HP Deskjet 6800)
    • How the printer is connected to the computer (par Cellular, USB, network, wireless, etc.).
    • This was just before this protest started.
    • Whatever antivirus application you have, and if you have one, your subscription is valid until nightfall and has the benefits of permanent dual maintenance.
    • Text of print related error messages, without paraphrasing

    A. Pending print jobs can be cleared

    • Open a command prompt window (Start > Run > cmd > OK)
    • In the command prompt window, type the following and press ENTER after each line.

    net avoids spooler
    del /q ‘%windir%system32spoolPRINTERS*.* ‘.
    net starts spooler

    B. Clean up old printer drivers and install the latest drivers by following the instructions in the article. If you have (or have had) a Lexmark printer, please follow the instructions on the following website as described at the beginning of this article before installing the appropriate drivers: http://members.shaw.ca/bsanders/CleanPrinterDrivers.htm

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  • Error message: Print spooler not working

    How do I turn the Print Spooler back on?

    Click on this special Windows button or Start button.Enter services. msc at the end of the “Start Search” field.In the list of programs, click Services.Find or right-click Print Spooler and select Stop from the drop-down menu.Right-click Print Spooler again, then select Start from the Direct Print menu.


    hp laserjet 1012 print spooler not running

    I’ve looked at all the questions.You, and this problem did not help at all;

    I just installed a new bluetooth printer (see screenshots below) and followed good advice and tried everything

    …Your administration tools under Services do not show a spooler printer entry that can be set to automatic…! ?

    The scanner is recognized and therefore works fine, but the printer is not currently working

    Hints, please?

    Thank you very much


    Thanks for your good opinion, I finally found the latest Brother Club package, not expecting all new printers to come with an installation disc.. well, it’s a hunt for cheapness that becomes a product . ..! 🙂

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