How To Use Print Screen In Windows 8 Easy Fix Solution

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    Recently, some of our users have reported using the print screen in Windows 8. Place it however you want on the screen where you want to take the screenshot.Just press and hold the Windows key + print screen.You will get a new screenshot in the Screenshots folder in the Image Library if it is a PNG file.

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  • There are even more important situations where you really want to take a screenshot of a web page, video, or a specific area, such as emailing the screenshot so you can send it to a friend.

    In Windows 8, this task is actually easier than ever. With this simple keyboard shortcut, you can take and save screenshots or get a picture of the selected desktop setting using the Snipping Tool.

    Note. This article assumes that users are using mouse and mouse in Windows 8.

    how to use print screen in windows 8

    To quickly take full-screen screenshots of your windshield, follow these steps for Windows:
    Start 8, navigate to the window you want to help capture, and press the [Windows] keys as well as [PrtnScr].

    Instantly, all desktop content is captured as a JPG file and savedFound in the Screenshots folder in the Pictures Library. If you take multiple screenshots using this method, some files will automatically be numbered sequentially. Old logo files will not be overwritten or deleted.

    If you just want to capture a fragment rather than the entire computer, and also want to locate the watermark files, you should use a capture tool. This smart program comes with Windows 8. For quick yet easy access, you can create a help tile on the taskbar or a magic spell (or both).

    Thumbnail capture tool and panel shortcut (desktop)

    1. Start Windows 8. Press the Auto + [Windows] [Q] keys to see almost all applications.

    3.Click “Pin at start” in the lower left corner to pin the program icon as a thumbnail.

    4. Click Pin to Taskbar to pin the shortcut to the Windows Desktop 8 taskbar. The correct changes will take effect.

    how to use print screen in windows 8

    Instead of a trusted shortcut on the taskbar, you can create any shortcut on the desktop for your convenience.Pruning tool.

    1. Start Windows 8. Press Learn + [Windows][Q] to display all applications.

    4.The desktop will immediately appear with the “Accessories” folder open. Click the crop tool icon. Click while holding down the mouse button. Also press the [CTRL] key on this keyboard and, keeping ideas, drag the icon from the entire window frame to a small area of ​​the desktop. Just omit the character.

    Very often when I call users of my app to take a screenshot for troubleshooting and troubleshooting, they get confused. Some of them do not know how to take screenshots, so I decided to write this article.

    In Windows 8.1, there are three different ways to take a screenshot without using third-party tools. Let’s explore them to discover all the benefits of modern Windows.

    Use The Keyboard Shortcut Win+Print Screen

    On your keyboard, press Win+Print Screen at the same time. (Note: If you’re using a laptop or tablet, it might have an Fn key, and the print key text on your own keyboard mightHave a matching frame, with the same key having a different function when Fn is not pressed. to reduce the use of the Fn key to the function provided in the box. So if Win+Print Screen doesn’t work, try Win+Fn+Print Screen).< /p>

    Your screen dims by half a quarter and then returns to normal brightness. Now open the fanbase folder:

    You can find the captured tattoo of your screen in the above folder!

    Windows automatically saves this to a file named Screenshot ().png. Windows automatically assigns this screenshot number to the screen because it has a personal counter. log how many screenshots your family took using the Win+Print Screen method.

    Extra tip: only reset the monitor write counter in Windows 8

    You see, use the PrtScn (Print Screen) key:
    only the PrtScn (Print Screen) key on your keyboard. The content displayed on the screen will undoubtedly be copied to the clipboard.< br> To finally paste the content My clipboard, open Paint and Attention Ctrl+V or click Paste on the Home tab of the Ribbon, then you should probably make your changes and save the screenshot as a file.

    Advice. When you press Alt+Print Screen, only the active foreground window is captured to the current clipboard, not the entire screen. As mentioned above, if your PC keyboard requires Fn as a key point to use screen, log, use Fn + Print Screen or Fn + Alt + Print Screen as appropriate.

    Scissors App

    < br> Snipping Tool is an ideal, simple and useful application that comes standard with Windows, it is specially designed for taking screenshots, it can take most types of screenshots if desired: window, custom area or healthy screen.

    Extra Tip: Use the Snipping Tool’s hidden strategic hotkey!
    By launching the Snipping Tool app, you can take just about any picture you want.Wound with the hotkey Ctrl + Print! 3E%3C/svg%3E “>
    With this secret shortcut, your family can grab the menu from time to time, open the application menu, additionally press the shortcut key, and the capture tool will allow you to land everything, including open food!

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