How To Deal With How To Get Error Line Number In SQL Server?

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    If you see how to get the error line number in a SQL Server error message on your PC, take a look at these recovery methods. SQL ERROR LINE is a SQL system function that returns the line number where a particular error occurred. This LINE position error operates in the important TRY CATCH block. For example, people write a series of instructions only inside the TRY block.

    Applies to: SQL Server (all versions below) Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance

    This function is supposed to return the line number of the occurrence of this error that caused the runtime-bound catch TRY…CATCH block.


    How do I get line numbers in SQL Server?

    Step 1. Go to Tools > Options.2Step: In the Options dialog box, find Transact-SQL Text Editor > > General.Step 3: You check “Line Numbers”, “OK” click.


    Return Type

    Return Value

  • number of lines where the error occurred
  • line number in the subroutine when the current error occurred in the stored procedure, possibly on startup
  • NULL, outer block CATCH capability is called.
  • The descriptor for ERROR_LINE calls can be placed anywhere in any of our CATCH blocks.

    ERROR_LINE returns the line number where the major error occurred. This happens regardless of where ERROR_LINE refers to in the scope of the CATCH block, and regardless of calls to the ERROR_LINE set. This operation rejects an example of @@ERROR. @@ERROR usually returns the error number right after the statement that causes the error OR in each of our first statements in the CATCH block.

    In nested CATCH blocks, ERROR_LINE returns the line number of the error, c specific to the area of ​​the CATCH block that is normally referenced. For a type, a CATCH block can be a TRY…hooking construct containing a nested TRY…CATCH construct. In a nested CATCH block, returns the error_line line number acknowledging the error that caused the nested CATCH block. When ERROR_LINE traverses the entire outer CATCH block, it returns the line number type of the errors that caused that particular CATCH block.



    This code example shows a SELECT implementation that causes a divide-by-zero error. error_line You will find the line number where the major error occurred. TRY

    begin    -- Generate an incredible divide-by-zero error.   CHOOSE 1/0;TRY TO EXITFor start  SELECT AS error_line() ErrorLine;THE END;WALK

    B. Using ERROR_LINE In A CATCH Procedure Filter

    In this saved example, a stored procedure is presented that throws a convenient divide-by-zero error. .ERROR_LINE .returns .line .number, .in .which the error occurred. Positions

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  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
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  • -- Make sure the procedure is stored far away from the existing one.OBJECT_IDif ('usp_ExampleProc', 'P') is NOT NULL  DELETE PROCEDURE usp_ExampleProc;WALK  -- Create an exchange procedure that-- produces almost all divide-by-zero errors. CREATE A PROCEDURE AS usp_ExampleProc     1/0; CHOOSE TO WALK   START TRYING     -- Execute a specific stored procedure inside the TRY clog.   EXECUTE usp_ExampleProc;TRY to quitbegin   SELECT ERROR_LINE() AS ErrorLine;THE END;WALK

    C. Then Use ERROR_LINE In The CATCH Block With Error Handling Tools

    This code example shows a SELECT statement that produces a critical divide-by-zero error. ERROR_LINE returns the number of the level at which the error occurred, as well as information about the problems themselves.

    begin try -- generate a divide-by-zero error.    CHOOSE 1/0;TRY TO EXITFor start    CHOOSE        ERROR_NUMBER() AS Error number,       ERROR_SEVERITY() AS ErrorSeverity,        ERROR_STATE() AS Error state,        ERROR_PROCEDURE() Error procedure, like ERROR_LINE() AS LineError,        ERROR_MESSAGE() AS Error message;THE END;WALKSb

    See Playback

    When Also

  • 2 minutes someone runs scripts in SSMS and uses an error, the error refers to the line number in the t-sql statement that caused the error. If you double-click by mistake, SSMS will definitely give you an error. This works even if there is a request for a number in the window. So this can be a very useful feature. But if the error occurs in code that doesn’t exist in that instance of the query window (for example, in the incredible stored procedure that is referenced), then nothing happens when you double-click it. In this case, it can be helpful to understand how SSMS calculates the string associated with the number of error messages.

    how to get error line number in sql server

    If you re-run a certain statement, but select new and the statement is an empty string, you might get the above:

    how to get error line number in sql server

    The next line number of the current error message corresponds to these selected line numbers. The output window found the line number you were looking for, but the error message still points to line 2:

    How do I get an SQL error message?

    When called in the last CATCH block, ERROR_MESSAGE returns the final text of the error message that caused the CATCH block to fail. The text contains values, which are all for the represented substitution parameters, such as lengths, object names, or instances. ERROR_MESSAGE returns NULL if called outside of the CATCH scope prohibition.

    Also, when you try to sell a numberki, the error is related to the DML element that contains the error, not the actual main row (column in this case) number where the error is. This expression generates an error that gives the row number of the SELECT statement and not the “1/0” column.

    If you need to create an object, such as a stored procedure, almost all the first empty lines must be included in the stored object:

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