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    Here are some easy-to-follow methods that can help solve the bsod creation issue. Open a new text file on your desktop.copy the code contained in it into a text file.Rename the fakebsod man text file to .Have you tried creating a file.To fake stop the BSOD, you can press “Start” or just move your mouse cursor down the screen a bit and resize the fake BSOD.

    A stop error called a blue screen of death (BSoD) is a nasty error that occurs after a device crashes. c. Encountering them is almost always horrendous. However, there are rare cases when you really need to force a bright blue screen to check the health of your program or application (or if you want to fake a friend).

    Whatever the reason, microsoft has a documented process for modifying the registry so that you can use a keyboard shortcut sequence to get a very blue screen of death on your current Windows 10 PC with a PS/2 keyboard or USB lock. help by scrolling to the Force key.

    If you’ve landed on the Guide Considered”, “All but hoping to take action to fix the BoSD error, check out our direct Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death Fix. This

    How do I permanently crash my computer?

    Fry with some high voltage.Use USB Killer.DesOverwrite the master boot record (MBR) of the combat disk.Use the fork bomb technique.Overheating of your own computer.Erase the operating system.Use this shutdown restart code.Fills up memory.

    In our Windows 10 guide, we will show you how to cause a bosd error on your PC.

    How To Click Blue Screen Of Death Error

    How do you trigger a BSOD?

    You can do this by holding the rightmost Control key and then pressing the specific Scroll Lock key twice. Once some of these are completed, a blue screen will appear. If inIf you are running Windows 8 or higher, the blue screen is slightly different. Usually

    Warning. This is a friendly reminder about We understand that modifying the main registry is risky and can easily cause permanent damage to the existing registry if you do it incorrectly. Before proceeding, we recommend that you completely burn your computer and create a backup of most of your work.

    1. Usually in Windows, use the key combination Key + R to open the Run command.
    2. Type regedit and press OK to unlock the registry.
    3. Go to the following path:


    4. Right-click this right side, New, select then, if necessary, DWORD-click on Value (32-bit).

    5. Name the new CrashOnCtrlScroll dword and press Enter.
    6. Double-click the DWORD value you just created and change its value from 0 two to.

    7. Click OK to confirm.
    8. Go to the following path:


    9. Right-click the actual page, New, select then enter a DWORD (32 bit) value.

    10. Name the entire n DWORD New CrashOnCtrlScroll and press Enter.
    11. Double-click the newly created word double and change its actual value from 0 to 1 inch.

    12. Click OK to confirm the value.
    13. Reboot the entire computer to apply the new locations.

    After you complete these steps, you can use your keyboard to intentionally stop the computer by holding down the appropriate Ctrl (right) key and pressing the scroll key twice.

    In this case, Windows 10 runs KeBugCheck and throws an absolute error 0xe2, and bsod displays the message “MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH”. This creates and stores a troubleshooting tool on your computer that can often be used for debugging purposes. You

    If you never need to blue screen of death again, you can follow the same steps as above, undo the changes, but in step 3 and step 6, right-click “Delete” and you’re in the CrashOnCtrlScroll DWORD.

    While we’ll focus on the Windows 10 strategy guide here, the steps are the same in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

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