Problems With Filesys.getfolder Path Not Found?

Over the past few days, some of our users have encountered a known bug where the filesys.getfolder path was not found. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s discuss some of them below.

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    < h3 >J Talbot


    Sep 4, 3 years ago 6:06:09 PM9/4/07

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    I’m just using a script, to get a list of folders (and subfolders) to get a UNC path
    but I noticed that when the script tries to get a subfolder with an oscillating path that is too long to monitor
    it ends up with ‘path not found’ – so the script could be

    filesys.getfolder path not found

    Set objFSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)< br>objStartFolder “server4files”

    Set means objFolder = objFSO .GetFolder(objStartFolder)
    Wscript.Echo objFolder.Path

    ShowSubfolder ob jFSO.GetFolder(objStartFolder)

    Sub ShowSubFolders(Folder)
    For each subfolder Folder.SubFolders
    Wscript.Echo Subfolder.Path
    Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(Subfolder .Path )
    ShowSubFolders Subfolders
    End Sub

    If I use ‘On Error Resume Nex’ at the top, no < br>the error doesn’t appear but the script goes away from the problematic path and simply does not go further. The thing is, I don’t have the means to refactor the structure path and usenavigating it with smaller linked or mapped drives, etc. What I really needed was a
    script that would ignore all paths that are unfortunately causing problems and just show them with the “next” button

    Is there another way to do this?



    Anthony Jones


    past Sep 4 18:31:22 9/ 07 4


    < p> ” J Talbot” <talbo…@gmail.com> posted via message

    < p>
    Use a separate function to isolate each code after which recovery
    should be active as follows:-

    GetFolderFromPath(Path) function

    If error, continue < br> Set GetFolderFromPath = Nothing
    Set GetFolderFromPath = objFSO.GetFolder(Path)

    End of function

    Your function now looks like: –

    < p>SubSu bFolders(Folder)
    For sub Each folder in Folder.SubFolders
    Wscript.E cho Subfolder.Path

    If GetFolderFromPath(Subfolder.Path) is not nothing, then< br> Wscript.Echo< br> ShowSubFolders Subfolder
    End If
    Next< br> End Sub

    Of course, you can just remove the objFolder line from
    GetFolder, since objFolder should no longer be used. Why do you want to ignore these
    folders? In these things, if information is neglected, is the result useful? “http://ASP.NET”>ASP.NET

    Aria-expanded=”true”>< different

    < h3>Jay Talbot

    not read,

    4. Sep 2007 7:01:54 4.9.07

    after role

    Thanks, but now error: path not found in long UNC path CreateObject(“Scripting.= filesystemobject”)

    < p>objstartfolder server files

    Set objFolder to objFSO.GetFolder( objStartFolder)
    Wscript. Echo objFolder.Path

    Show subfolders objFSO.GetFolder(objStartFolder)

    GetFolderFromPath(Path) function

    < p > Continue on error Next
    Set GetFolderFromPath = Nothing
    S and GetFolderFromPath means objFSO.GetFolder(Path)

    End of function

    < p >Sub showsubfolders(folder )< br> For each subfolder in Folder.SubFolders ‘Pathnot found, error along this

    Wscript subfolder. echo. path
    If GetFolderFromPath(Subfolder.Path) is nothing, then
    ShowSubFolders Subfolder
    End If
    End Sub

    < p
    This is just a test script for an aspect of another project where I really want a
    list of files in folders, on the other hand I have to ignore the folders as they are inaccessible
    and let each one of our scripts be able to implement folder idea.

    filesys.getfolder path not found

    Any more ideas? is that right?



    “Anthony Jones” <To…@yadayadayada.com > wrote in message

    Aria- expand = “true”>

    < h3>Jay Talbot


    4. September, 36 months, 19:20:35 04/09/07


    Add this exact line to the script

    objStartFolder implies “serverfiles”

    news:46dd2e4b $0 $3147 $9a6e… @unlimited.newshosting.com…

    Paul Randall


    Sep 5, 2007 02: 57:37 5.9.07


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  • “J jsname=”yjbGtf “Talbot” <talbo…@gmail.com> wrote an internal message
    news:46dd213a$0$22126$9a6e… @ limited.newshosting.com. ..

    Few people understand error handling in VBScript, most people suspect they are doing something wrong.
    By default, this system handles errors with an error message and
    exits.The On Error Resume Next statement disables system error handling and enables user error handling.If system error handling is disabled, the code never checks the Err object, so no one is considered an error handler.But that probably wouldn’t mean what do you think this thought means. Most people, whether they read the help file or not, find that the “Resume on error
    Next” statement has the advantage that the file says “Resume on error next causes execution to continue.” immediately after the counter, callinga runtime error or… c. Do you suspect that it contains

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