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    BSOD (XP, Win7) | BSOD Windows Mo 8/10
    Created by Beigi.


    Short Bytes: This editorial will help you withCreate a cute blue screen (BSOD) of death and prank the friends you found. If you’re a regular Windows user, this isn’t a major problem, but it can be a nightmare for your business if you’re new to Windows. Read on to find out how to do it in simple solutions to fool your friends too. Screen

    Blue of the Death (BSOD) is an error message displayed by Windows after a functional failure. We remember very well how BSOD Bill crashed Keynote Gates. This is a common consideration for regular Windows users, but it can give you nightmares like you’re new to Windows.

    For readers not familiar with Blue Please Death, read about the BSOD article by clicking the following link:

    What is Windows Blue Screen of Death – The Complete Guide

    System failures are the saddest stage; How about you prank your friends by creating a fake BSOD yourself? If you follow the simple steps suggested below, you will get a fake BSOD.

    How To BSOD?

    Can you force a BSOD?

    This can be done by holding the extreme right key “Ctrl”, i.e. by pressing the “Scroll Lock” key 2 times. Once this is completed, the bottom screen should appear. If the audience is using Windows 8 or later, Blue Something will look different.

    1. Open create a new fake text file on the current desktop.
    2. Copy the text code below into the link here file. Save the text by pressing CTRL+S on the entry.
      @echo disabledEcho ^^^BSOD^ > bsod.htaEcho. >> bsod.htaecho ^> bsod.htaecho ApplicationName="BSOD" >> bsod.htaecho version="1.0" >> bsod.htaecho-maxbutton="no" >> bsod.htaCollapse EchoButton="No" >> bsod.htaecho sysmenu="no" >> bsod.hta headerecho="no" >> bsod.htaecho windowstate="maximize"/^> >> bsod.htaEcho. >> bsod.^^ >>.htaecho face="lucida ^ >> bsod.htaecho ^

      Can a BSOD fix itself?

      Your computer automatically restarts when a BSOD error occurs. By default, your Windows PC automatically restarts when you encounter the Blue Screen Death error. So, if your Windows PC restarts for no reason, it could be the result of a clear BSOD error.

      Windows encountered a problem and has closed to prevent harm to your computer.^ >> bsod.htaEcho. >> bsod.htaecho ^DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LES_OR_EQUAL^ >> bsod.htaecho. >> bsod.htaecho ^If you've seen this for the first time, stop this error screen, restart your computer. If the previous screen reappears, do the following: ^ >> bsod.htaEcho. >> bsod.To xtaecho ^Make sure the new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a fresh install, check your hardware or trusted manufacturer's software for any Windows updates you may need.^ >> bsod.htaEcho. >> bsod.^If htaecho problems persist disable deletion or new mouthupdated hardware or software. Disable BIOS save options such as caching or motion tracking. If you need to use Safe Mode to disable or remove panels, restart your computer, press f8, select Advanced Boot Options, then select Safe Mode.^ >> bsod. xtaEcho. >> bsod.htaMethods echo ^info:^ >> bsod.htaEcho. >> bsod.htaecho ^*** stop: >> 0x000000d1 (0x0000000c,0x00000002,0x00000000.0xf86b5a89)^ bsod.htaecho. >> bsod.htaEcho. >> bsod.htaecho ^

      *** gv3.sys - Base address f86b5a89 F86B5000, around 3dd9919eb^ timestamp >> bsod.htaEcho. >> bsod.^

      How serious is a BSOD?

      When Windows detects that something is sure to cause serious damage, it shuts down, which causes the infamous blue screen of death. BSoD can be a symptom problem in itself. In this case, it may seem that the problem is caused by the error itself. While BSoD damages your hardware, it doesn't ruin your day.

      Run htaecho of dump current Memory^ >> bsod.^Delete htasave physics echo completed.^ >> bsod.c ^
      fake bsod program
      Contact htaFor further assistance, contact your system administrator or the technical support team.^ >> bsod.htaEcho. >> bsod.htaEcho. >> bsod.htaecho ^ >> bsod.htaecho ^^
      >> bsod.htarun "" / wait for "bsod.hta"del /s /f /q "bsod.hta" Empty
    3. Rename fakebsod.bat.
      Important: In some cases, you won’t be able to change the extension because extensions are hidden by default in Windows 7 and later.Therefore, clients must activate them. You open and “Start” enter the settings folder. Click on the “View” tab. Turn off hiding known file levels for extensions. Click OK. After that, Windows will probably show the extension in the initial name.
    4. You have created a file. Open fakebsod.bat to check the BSOD.
    5. To exit the Fake BSOD, press Start or move the mouse cursor down the screen and resize the Fake BSOD. After that, the BSOD will see them as an icon in the system tray. Right click and close the window.

    It’s time to bring your joke to life. You need to create a fake BSOD file somewhere and then create a shortcut to it on that desktop. Link it like this:

    1. Right click fakebsod. It’s better than a pointer
    2. Hover over Submit.
    3. On the desktop, click (shortcut) New.

    After that, the file will become popular.

    1. Right click on the fakebsod.bat shortcut. Click “Properties”.
    2. Click Change Icon. When a warning message appears, click OK.
    3. Select characterol objections. Let’s select my computer/this icon.
    4. Rename the file to My Computer or This Computer, depending on which version, make sure you’re using your version of Windows.
    5. Remove the unique desktop from the desktop and you’re done.

    fake bsod program

    The next time your friends need to open My Computer, they will be haunted by the Blue Screen of Death.

    Don’t suffer from Windows errors anymore.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

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