Troubleshooting Event ID 4840

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    If you have seen event ID 4840, this user guide may help.

    Event information on According to Microsoft:

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

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    event id 4840

    This event is logged when the Failed method has an Iobjectcontrol::activate() value.

    Refer Solution:

    development program

    the event message indicates that the error condition is caused by a specific problem in the application code. However, there is not enough information to give recommendations on how to fix most problems. Provide the application developer with a full message about the meeting so that it can be restored and debugged.

    If the application is still running, use this process again and then restart the application to correct the error.


    To complete these steps, you must be an administrator and have clear delegation authority.re

    event id 4840

    To use one specific process:


    1. Click Start, and then Run.
    2. Open Services, component, type comex.msc and click OK. When the main dialog box displays “User Management”, “Account”, make sure that the action you want is performed, then click “Next”.
    3. You “Services push components”, go to “Computer” and “At work”.
    4. In the “Currently running processes” section, right-click the currently running agent you want to restart, select and “Restart” .

    To restart the application:

      For < li >Services, click Components, Component Services under Computer, tap My Computer, then select COM+ Applications.
    1. Right-click the application you want and install, select Start » in .

    If you continue to receive certain rendering errors, report the application developer to the full status of the message so that the application developer can debug and fix the error. make sure your aspect is working properly by running my component service management tool and creating the necessary properties for certain components and.

    To view for a work procedure other than z be a member of administrators or feel the need to delegate the appropriate authority.< /p>

    open To service component andto see that the required properties of the component are usually set:

    1. Click Start, then Run.
    2. Type comex.msc. In this case, click OK. When the entire “User Control” dialog box appears, make sure the necessary steps are displayed, and then click “Next”.
    3. To find your application, click “Service Components” , click , “Computer” click ” System, My Computer, then click COM+ Applications. .
    4. Right-click the name of the component and select Properties.
    5. In the Properties dialog, select a component each tab to verify that some of the required properties are set.
    6. li>
    7. By inserting li>

    you can verify that the COM+ operating system is installed and working correctly.

    .To .check that .COM+ . correct:


    1. .In .a .tree .of .console .of .Component .Services .just click . . .Services .(local) ..
    2. .Scroll through .services .for example .: .to .find .the following .services .: .COM+ .Event .System . (optional), .COM+ .System .Application, .DCOM .Server .Process .Launcher .and .Remote .Call Techniques .(RPC) ..
    3. Verify that the status associated with each one is Service Started .

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    Id Do Evento 4840
    Handelse Id 4840
    Identyfikator Wydarzenia 4840
    Id Evento 4840
    Ereignis Id 4840
    Id D Evenement 4840
    이벤트 Id 4840
    Gebeurtenis Id 4840
    Id De Evento 4840