Citrix Plug-in Error While Importing Registry. Easy Fix Solution

In this guide, we will identify some possible causes that can cause Citrix Offline Plugin to crash when importing the registry, and then I will suggest some potential recovery methods that you can try to resolve this issue.

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  • If% APPDATA% is redirected to the primary UNC path (as opposed to the planned local drive), applications will not start correctly after being pre-launched.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6 .0.001] [# 212171]

  • Streaming instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP will not start, each of our msdynamicssl.exe bindings processes 99% CPU utilization while normally the splash screen is displayed.

    [From offline socket -in_6.0.001] [# 213993]

  • Clicking a hyperlink in a streaming instance of Microsoft Outlook may cause Internet Explorer to terminate unexpectedly.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 220434]

  • On CTXSBX.SYS servers, a fatal blue screen exception may occur when using error checking code 8E.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 221099]

  • Servers do get a fatal exception, blue screen, on CTXSBX.SYS while applications are running.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 222381]

  • Unable to download fonts containing Microsoft Office 2010 applications.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 222823]

  • If the profile for the plug-in package For version 5.2 was created on the Internet, attention may be focused on the error message: “There was an error importing settings from the registry to work with your application. “

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 222931]

  • Office applications cannot run successfully on a Windows Vista workstation if application profiles are the same as other profiles and Enable Updates for Users is configured. One of the following error messages may appear: “Runtime Error!” … The application incorrectly tried to load the C library runtime. Please contact the application support for more information. “” This application failed to start because MSCVR80.DLL was not found. Reinstalling the application can usually fix this problem. “

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 224137]

  • When you log into Internet Explorer released in a fine application environment, isolation and “server-sided” reason by clicking on the awesome http, https or mms hyperlink, Internet Explorer fails. Isolation of the environment began.

    citrix offline plug-in error importing the registry

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 225987]

  • On cancelingselecting software after exiting the profile, the remaining software for setting the profile does not work – “Run”.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 226253]

  • B

  • Clustered desktop environments, streaming applications may quit unexpectedly.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 227338]

  • What you see fixes the following issues:

    • The print job fails when printing a Microsoft Word document when you need an auto-generated printer using the generic printer driver V. 3.0 from a stand-alone instance of explorer .exe.
    • Attempts to configure applications that use the Sandbox File Type Organizer can be quick and receive the following error: “The operating system is not currently configured to run this application”

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 228274]

  • Files that are

    temporary, such as RAD * .tmp, that are created when a streaming application is launched, are not automatically lost after the application has finished launching.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6. 0.

  • 001] [# 229491]

  • RadeLauncher.exe can easily geta mark about the exception 0xc0000002 in ShellExecuteHook.dll when working in a hot desktop environment.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 229942]

  • Temporary personal entries made by streaming applications will not be removed from the% TEMP% folder when redirecting the% TEMP% folder, which might be a network share.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6. 0,001] [# 230974]

  • Setting SandboxStatusMonitorPeriod to 0, as described in Knowledge Center article CTX123073, increases the performance of RadeLauncher.exe processor up to 100% depending on the number of failures / p>

    [From OfflinePlug -in_6.0.001] [ # 231062]

  • Pre-release or post-release scripts in a profile may cause the add-in to terminate unexpectedly when offline.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 231234]

  • Crystal Reports streaming instances do not start.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 231838]

  • Roadstead Rocket Launcher

  • .exe may terminate abruptly when launching applications.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 232337]

  • Can users

    report random “Access Denied” errors when trying to run streaming applications on the server.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 232732]

  • Memory consumption of RadeSvc.exe increases continuously as threads increase in the process with the number of users recording, but does not decrease accordingly when users log off.

    [From OfflinePlug – in_6.0.001] [# 232783]

  • The profiler will turn off to save configured profiles to help you include DLLs in a profile before loading, in addition to post-exit scripts.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 233630]

  • B

  • In a hot desktop environment, running an application that is profiled for pre-launch and post-release streaming scripts will cause all pre- and post-release scripts to run simultaneously.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6. 0,001] [# 233892]

  • Blocking the streaming service can result in sessions being closed and the server unresponsive.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.

  • 001] [# 233991]

  • Briefly splitting the network group when launching an application may cause the application to fail to launch.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 234140]

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • Microsoft Office applications can runIt’s slow, so when streaming, they start with a half dozen version 0 plugins.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 234177]

  • If a new hair tool in a streaming application takes a very long time after release, the scripts can be run before the application starts.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 234318]

  • Microsoft Office systems can start slowly if released with Version 6 of all plugins. The problem occurs with domain users, but not with local administrator rights.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 234598]

  • Opening a file with an associated task submitted to the client may cause the application to terminate unexpectedly.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 234653]

  • Microsoft Visio Inking is not working as expected. Selected as soon as it prevents mouse clicks under the application.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 234854]

  • Invalid characters appear in the context menu of a stand-alone plug-in shortly after clicking Cancel when prompted to share a profile.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 234855]

  • This setting fixes the following two issues:

    • The pre-recorded streaming software may take longer than expected to start.
    • Microsoft Visio may become unresponsive while saving an image.
    • [From

    OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 235458]

  • When starting Microsoft Office, you may receive a great error message indicating when Microsoft Office Outlook requires Windows Internet Explorer 4 or later to start.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 235942]

  • citrix offline plug-in error importing the registry

    The streaming service may stop responding or quit unexpectedly while streaming some applications.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 236596]

  • In some configurations, when starting a streaming application, you receive an “On follow” error message: “An error occurred while publishing your application’s registry settings. The problem occurs after updating a large part to a newer version of a new plugin. This hotfix resolves the issue for the purposes of this plug-in in the future. However, for k For computers that have an older version of the plug-in installed, Citrix recommends that you remove the old registration before installing this version.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 236776]

  • This

  • Startup Problems resolves an issue that could lead to unexpected termination of streaming applications.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.

  • 001] [# 236969]

  • Your ctxsbx.sys servers may be throwing severe exceptions.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 237321]

  • A fatal exception may occur on servers displaying blue screens on CtxSbx.sys.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 238104]

  • Temporary files created by Citrix Streaming Service in the user’s Temp folder cannot be saved after being cleaned and deleted when the streaming application starts.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 238793]

  • Downloads related to streaming applications are displayed on the client because they are 100% complete before actually launching. If you try to run the application before the download is complete, you will receive the following error message: “The standalone application will not load and is still loading It is “. “

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6. 0.001] [# 238982]

  • The number of descriptors expected by the streaming service is increasing, including the number of users running the installation in scripts with streaming servers.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 239039]

  • Standalone computer programs transmitted to potential clients via http / https are not launched.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 240519]

  • Locking the file causes the new RadeCache to be used by default in the old user’s account folder, obviously if the operating system copied the old dataset folder. This folder is played when you delete the user’s profile page, but not the Dad or Mom folder; in this case, the procedure creates a duplicate folder with the extension .DomainName.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 241148]

  • Applications

    configured for offline access do not match correctly with command line parameters passed by the Delivery Console.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 241369]

  • Citrix Streaming Service (Radesvc.exe) may terminate unexpectedlyWork.

    [From OfflinePlug-in_6.0.001] [# 241845]

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    Erreur De Plug In Citrix Hors Ligne Lors De L Importation Du Registre
    Citrix Offline Plug In Fout Bij Het Importeren Van Het Register
    Citrix Offline Plugin Fel Vid Import Av Registret
    Citrix Offline Plug In Fehler Beim Importieren Der Registrierung
    Blad Wtyczki Citrix Offline Podczas Importowania Rejestru
    Citrix 오프라인 플러그인 레지스트리 가져오기 오류
    Error De Complemento Sin Conexion De Citrix Al Importar El Registro
    Oshibka Avtonomnogo Plagina Citrix Pri Importe Reestra
    Errore Del Plug In Offline Citrix Durante L Importazione Del Registro
    Erro Do Plug In Offline Citrix Ao Importar O Registro