The Best Way To Troubleshoot Cisco T1 Debugging Issues

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    If you’re getting a cisco Debug t1 error, today’s guide is here to help. Specifies the interface module’s serial mode: t1 – Specifies a T1 connection at 1.536 Mbps. B8ZS is the default line code when checking T1. Slot Subslot – Specifies the type of slot for the interface module.


    This document describes the environments required to implement T1 Channel Linked Signaling (CAS).



    How do you troubleshoot T1?

    Remove the appropriate feedback plug and reconnect the T1 line.Check wiring.Turn the router off and on.Connect the T1 trunk line to another plug-in. Configure the port with the same settings as the line. If I said that the problem does not exist, then their fault lies with the port.

    Make sure you meet these requirements before trying to develop this skill:

    How do I check my T1?

    To create a physiological loop on the T1 port, frequently connect the T1 feedback connector to the T1 port. You can create a T1 feedback connector by connecting key 1 to pin 4 and code 2 to pin 5 of the large RJ-48 connector. If you are creating and testing a physical loop, you can test the T1 port.

    This document is based on an understanding of the T1 CAS (Stolen Bit Signaling) digital operation in IOS gateways. Read the document above to understand the different types of CAS signaling methods. This guide also serves as a guide for setting up different types of CAS alarms.

    Before implementing E1 R2 signaling in the Cisco AS5300 router, you must ensure that your version of Cisco IOS® software is compatible with Cisco VCWare on the E1 module. If the versions are incompatible, the Digital Transmission Processor (DSP) modules are usually not loaded into the speech card associated with speech signal processing. Check the Cisco VCWare Compatibility Matrix for the Cisco AS5300 to make sure your versions are compatible.

    If the Cisco VCWare variant does not fully match the Cisco IOS software, customers can usually see this by issuing the show vfc slot_number interface command, although it is shown here:

    Show interface

    5300#vfc 1Rx: input ptr twenty, output 0Tx: in ptr only fourteen out of 140 in the HW queue, 0 in the leading queue, 0 in the tail queueHardware is an out-of-band VFCInformationInterface: place a RESET DSP instance (0x61048284)dsp_number two, channel id 0TX pending 0, lazy TX pending 0Received 18 packets, 1087 bytes, 0 jumbo packets0 drops, no buffers, 0 input errorsOutput 121 bytes, output 14 frames0 misunderstanding ricochet 0DSP 1 module must be installedDSP 2 module not installedDSP part 3 not installedMany DSP modules are not installedDSP 5 module also not installed

    In the function above, the “DSP Module Number Also Not Installed” statements indicate that all versions of this item number are incompatible. Here is an example of DSP modules with the correct version of Cisco VCWare loaded:

    Show interface
    cisco debug t1

    5300#vfc 1Rx: makes ptr 24, outputs 0TX: with PTR 15 output 150 operation in HW queue, 0 hair in queue, 0 end of queueHardware is an out-of-band VFCInterface: DSP Reset Status (0x618C6088)dsp_number 0, channel id 0TX excellent 0, max TX excellent 0Received 283288 packets, 15864278 bytes, 0 Titan packets0 drops, 0 no buffers, 0 input errorsOutput 1416459 bytes, output 141647 frames0 return error 0Slot 1, DSPM 1 (C542), DSP 1, channel 1StatusNo RESET, DSP instance (0x61914BDC)TX pending three, maximum TX pending 8Received 0 packets, 0 bytes, 0 large packets0 running, 0 no buffer, 0 hardware errorSpent 0 bytes, spent 0 cups0 return error 0Slot 1, DSPM 7 (C542), DSP 2, channel 1RESET status, DSP instance (0x6191510C)TX pending 0, Fatmus TX pending 8Received 0 packets, 5 bytes, 0 large packets0 crashes, 5 no buffers, 0 input errorsOutput 0 bytes, output 0 frames0 inflatable jumping bugs 0

    What does debug ISDN q921 do?

    The output of the debug isdn q921 command provides functions for the layer 2 transaction that takes place between the ISDN switch and, I would say, the router. You can identify the problem by following the exact direction of the specific message as well as the response.

    To uniquely check the installed version of Cisco VCWare, uniquely enter the vcware version descriptor show vfc slot_number as shown here:

    5300#show version vfc 1 vcwareVoice feature card in slot 1:VCware version (space) 4.10Monitor ROM version: 1.2DSP version:Technology: C542

    Hint: do it

    What is the difference between controller T1 and debug CAS?

    show control t1 – Displays the current controller state for the controller hardware. debug cas – for line signaling on Cisco AS5xxx platforms. vpm debug signal – for telephone line signaling on Cisco 26xx/36xx platforms.

    Make sure the version of Cisco VCWare technology (c549 or c542) matches the DSP capabilities of the connected voice card (DSPM-542: Single Density Voice Support or DSPM-549: High Density Voice Support).

    Components Used

    cisco debug t1

    The information in this form is based on the followingx software and hardware versions:

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  • Cisco AS5300 router (all versions)

    How do I debug a Cisco router?

    Use the blessed EXEC debug dot1x command to enable 802.1X feature debugging. Do not use the formNo to this command to get rid of the debug output. The undebug dot1x get command is similar to the dot1x permanent debug command. When setting up debugging, it is enabled only for the stack master.

    The information in this status document was created using the tools of a specific lab environment. All devices used in this valuable document were started with a discarded (default) configuration. When your network is active, remember to often understand the possible consequences of an order.


    See the Cisco Technical Advisory document for more information on conventions.


    This section contains information on how to manage the features described in the document.

    Note. Use my command search for clients (registered only) to actually find more information about the commands used in this document.

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    What is the debug command for the Cisco 7600 series routers?

    This get was introduced on the Cisco 7600 series routers. Use the debug handle only to troubleshoot certain issues, or occasionally during troubleshooting sessions with Cisco support specialists. Sample output for running the command:

    Cisco Debug T1
    Debogage Cisco T1
    Cisco Debug T1
    Cisco Debuggen T1
    Cisco Debug T1
    Debugowanie Cisco T1
    Cisco Depurar T1
    시스코 디버그 T1
    Otladka Sisko T1
    Depuracion T1 De Cisco