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Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported on feline continents that cannot be found.

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    Cats are bred on all continents except Antarctica. The secret lies in medieval cat DNA, which a group of scientists tracked down a long time ago. They report their findings in a recent article published in the journal Nature.

    Of the seven regions of the world, there is only one cat or kitten out of town: Antarctica. Domestic cats traveled there and left with them, unable to remain in their possession – a deadly climate, no prey. Everyone probably has other cats, local or imported.


    cats continents not found

    African beaks and large small pets, from the mighty lion to their tiny black-footed cat, the eventual ancestor of Felis domesticus. In between are a leopard, usually a cheetah, serval, caracal and many other cats, as well as your current so-called civet, which is not a cat, but another civet.


    Asia is home to the largest of cats, each of our Siberian tigers, and the smallest of cats, the rusty cat of India and Sri Lanka. At the clinic, a leopard, a polar leopard, a foggy leopard, and even small felines such as the strange flat-headed cat, but also the catfish, the only wild cat with a kind of stem.


    The lion and some leopards no longer roam Europe, and the largest kitten in the wild is the Scottish wildcat. The Eurasian lynx is larger, but this point is mainly found in Scandinavia and the Far East of Russia, for some reason far from civilization.

    North America

    cats continents not found

    The largest cat species in North America is the cougar or puma, and the largest cat in the world, a liger named Hercules, swims in Florida. Hercules is a cross between a suitable male lion and a forest female in captivity, so he was never another species, he is a cat. Smaller feral cats associated with North America range from the lynx, the lynx’s cousin, usually the jaguarundi from Mexico and southern Texas.

    South America

    The stocky jaguar, along with its tiny members of the oncilla family and kodkod, overwhelms the rainforests and central South America as a shy cougar roams the pampas and an Andean cat chases them, chinchillas in the mountains.


    What continent does not have cats?

    “Wild kittens are devastating to this wildlife,” said Gregory Andrews, the Australian Government’s Endangered Animal Species Commissioner, in a good public statement. “Australia is the entire continent of the world, with the exception of Antarctica, where animals evolved without cats, which is one of the reasons why Our beings are so vulnerable there.

    There were no cats in Australia before the humans arrived. The ecological niche they need It is filled with deceptive equivalent predators including a dummy ferret and Tasmanian thylacine next to a tiger. Today, many native species are threatened by the explosive population of domesticated wild cats. There are wild tales of big cats roaming most of the wilderness, but if they find themselves outside, they will most likely be there for exotic escapes.

    Australia is still the only continent after Antarctica, where cats were only after the arrival of Europeans (especially those who arrived between the 17th and 19th centuries), but at that time it was completely taken over by them. An analysis by the Australian Government’s 40 National Environmental Science Program, involving leading Australian scientists and more than one-fifth of 89 individual studies, found the continent to be 99.8% wild dogs, 80% with its islands. A bleak prospect for most of the unique mammalian species that originated from there and are regularly exterminated by wild cats. The study was probably published last month.tse in all biosafety journals.

    Cats are great pets. They’re cute, fluffy, relatively easy to care for, and they do wake up, though they wake up – the ones that can slap you for being hungry. However, they are also some of the most effective assassins on planet Earth. Nice old fashioned sneakers can fit in your lap as expensive ones, but if you make them on the street, they are guaranteed to be a cold-blooded killer. Countless bird species fell one after another, especially on islands where feral cats are aggressive. In Australia, now literally teeming with cats, cats are likely responsible for the extinction of native mammals. And it doesn’t seem to be looking anywhere.

    Is there cats in Antarctica?

    Today, Antarctica, including the subantarctic islands, does not have land mammals, lizards, or amphibians. However, human activity has led to the emergence of exotic species such as rats, mice, chickens, rabbits, cats, pigs, sheep, cattle, reindeer and individual fish in a small number of zones.

    “The total wildcat population in Australia ranges from 1 million when it is not, to 6.3 million when normal rainfall leads to heavy rainfall for available prey,” the University of Queensland said in a statement. environmentalist and co-author Sarah Legg in a meaningful publication. As the author notes musically , this is actually lower according to previous estimates. That said, it’s a pretty daunting amount, and the swings are just as spectacular as the following guide shows (darker areas show a much higher density of cats after rain):

    The researchers found that cats are as common in national parks as they are outdoors, as conservation measures undermine times in highly urbanized areas as densely as anywhere else – likely due to for the variety of readily available products. Unfortunately, many wild cats are born in the centers of these cities, which run into our own bush, where they can exterminate without hindrance.

    “Wild cats are fatal to wildlife,” said Gregory Andrews, who. Australia’s Endangered Species Commissioner in a good and strong public statement. “Australia is an exceptional continent on Earth outside Antarctica, where animals evolved without cats. This is one of the reasons our creatures are so vulnerable to them. “This adds the necessaryYou can humanely and effectively kill feral cats, ”your dog said.

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    What continent did cats come from?

    All domesticated cats are descended from feral cats called Felis silvestris lybica, which originated during the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East during the Neolithic era and in Ancient Egypt during classical times.

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