How To Fix Amana Washing Machine Front Loading Error

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    If you receive an error message regarding troubleshooting your amana washing machine, this article is written to help you.

    Amana Front Loading Washing Machine Error Codes

    How do I reset my Amana front load washer?

    Turn off the power to the Amana washing machine.Unplug the device from the wall outlet.After turning off the power, press and hold the Start or Pause icon for five seconds.Connect the device to return. Your Amana washing machine is now restarted.

    Use these Amana Load Top Washer error codes for information to help diagnose your problem. Of course, not all error codes will appear for your model. Read your own user manual for error codes for your specific model.

    How do you reset the code on an Amana washing machine?

    To remove the code from the voucher, press the pause or cancel button and the power button several times. If the code continues to appear, remove the washer or divide the shelf life by one minute. The washing machine was diagnosed with items during the cleaning cycle of the washing machine. Remove items from the drum and restart the cleaning cycle.

    If these solutions are not relevant to these solutions, please refer to your blog or online service.

    Ko errors Error Possible solution
    LOC or LC Command Blocking Enabled Click the Control Lock button or determine (for Affliction models) in the User Guide which button will activate the Control Lock mechanism. On some models, you need to press and pick up a button.
    dET End of detergent was not detected in the dispenser.

    This may apply to some models. If you tend to use single doses of detergent, ignore some of the messages.

    amana washer troubleshooting front load

    Make sure the cartridge is installed correctly and the dispenser drawer is usually completely closed.

    Int The sequence is paused or canceled.

    The washing machine stops spinning and draining water after 20-30 minutes. This error is displayed at this time.

    To delete a value, press the Pause or Cancel button again and press the On button once. / Off “. If the code is still displayed, uncheckwashing machine, or turn off the power for one minute.

    rL or F34 Living objects were detected in the washing machine during the cleaning cycle of the washing machine. Remove all items from the drum and restart the cleaning cycle.
    South or SD There is usually too much foam in the washing machine.

    The washing machine cannot drain water with excess soapy water. When “Sud”, “Sd” or Definitely is displayed, the washing machine will automatically extend the cleaning time to remove excess soapy water. After a while, the washing machine stops using some additives in the drum and water for excessive rinsing. This rupture allows the bubbles to completely break through the soapy water. This break and the required rinse is and it may take several sessions to remove the soapy water.

    Make sure the person is using HE detergent or high performance detergent. Find out more about HE Use detergent in your washing machine е.

    If you’ve used liquid bleach without splashing or spilling it, there may still be more soapy water. These types of liquid chlorine and chlorine bleach contain a thickener that is likely to produce excess soapy water. In this case, use the device with regular liquid bleach.

    The South

    der or Sd code can also be the exact result of a narrowed downpipe or riser (downpipe). Make sure the drain hose is not kinked, clogged, or possibly clogged. Learn more about installing the drain hose.

    F5 E2 The door is not a real jewelry cabinet. Make sure the door is not blocked by merchandise and that it will normally close completely. Press the Pause button, also press the Cancel button twice and the Power button once to clear the code.
    F7 E1 Indicates a motor speed detection error,

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • The drive cannot reach the correct “pulse” for cycle selection. Check the following:

    • All mounting bolts have been removed.
    • The washing machine has not been overloaded lately.

    Press the Pause or Cancel button, then press the On button twice. On / Off ”to delete the code.

    F8 E1 or LO FL Automatic washing machine detects poor water drainage.

    Check the following:

    • The water supply in the house has increased, taps and taps for cold and hot water are fully open.
    • The water inlet hoses are not considered kinked (more on how to check the water inlet hoses if the washing machine does not fill with water)
    • There are no flood protection hoses on the water supply line, nor are there any controls in contact with the washing machine (learn more about whether to use flood protection devices in a front-loading washing machine

    Press the pause or cancel button twice and the power button once to clear the code.

    F8 E2 Indicates hthen there is a problem with the system distributor

    This applies to Pick Detergent models. Make sure the detergent drawer or cartridge is not clogged with detergent. For more information, see How do I clean my washing machine?

    F9 E1 Indicates that air release time is longer than expected, typically more than six (8) minutes.

    Make sure the drain hose is not kinked or blocked. Use a U-shaped drain pipe to drain the garden hose. The riser (drain pipe) height requirements are clearly a maximum of 96 “(244 cm) and a minimum of 39” (99 cm).

    Additional instructions for installing the drain hose.

    amana washer troubleshooting front load

    Too much soapy water can also cause annoying delays. Be sure to use HE detergent powder.

    Other F # E # Code Indicates another error Unplug or unplug the machine for the specified minute and then plug it back in. Select again, I would say qicl and press “Start”. If the code persists, please contact us to schedule an online service so a certified technician can diagnose your washing machine.

    If you would like to download or find product documentation for your device, please visit our Manuals and Documentation page.

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